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A packet-based, hierarchical communication system, arranged in a spanning tree configuration, is described in which wired and wireless communication networks exhibiting substantially different characteristics are employed in an overall scheme to link portable or mobile computing devices. The network ...

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The disclosure relates to battery powered hand-held data entry terminals wherein a peripheral module may contain an automatically operating full image reader and a wireless communication unit. The reader reads at least one full line of indicia and may comprise a laser bar code scanner or a flash typ ...

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A hand-held optically readable information set reader having one or more photosensor arrays, at least one information set illuminator, and an information set image transfer system for projecting a readable image of an information set onto the one or more photosensor arrays.

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In a preferred arrangement, a lens system having circular symmetry in the hand-held reader focuses the entire width of area information onto an area photosensor array with a single flash of a ring-type xenon flash tube which surrounds the lens system and is symmetrically disposed relative to the axi ...