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The present invention relates to a method for monitoring the health of a patient by utilizing measurements. In order to improve the contact between the patient and the person treating him, the results of the measurements are supplied via a communications device (1) utilizing a wireless data transmis ...

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A system for measuring the blood glucose level in a sample of a patient's blood. Consumable test strips (

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Monitoring equipment including means for receiving a measurement result indicating the patient's blood glucose level, and for staring it in a first memory means. In order to improve and facilitate the treatment of the patient, the monitoring equipment further includes means for receiving data concer ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for controlling a mobile phone when it has been lost or stolen in order to prevent its use except to help the owner find it. Controlling the phone remotely may be implemented via a known Short Messaging System, for example. The security features provided are as fol ...

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A radiotelephone (10) includes a keypad (22) having a plurality of keys (22a, 22b) and a display device (20) for displaying information, including messages, to a user. A method includes the steps of: (a) transmitting a point-to-point short message service (SMS) message from an operator's site (36) t ...

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A conference call facility is described in which one (2a) of a group of communication devices (2a,2b,2c,2d) connected to a low power radio frequency network (9) is able to set up a call to a party external of the network (9) and then selectively add further devices (2a,2b,2c) to the call under the c ...


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A system for providing location dependent services to a plurality of mobile terminals within a coverage area. The system defines services deployment areas in which the services are available. A server receives, from a plurality of sources, location information indicating the locations of mobile term ...

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A wireless user station (10), such as a cellular telephone, is provided with a touch sensitive input device, such as a touch-sensitive display (20) or a touchpad (23). A display device displays a plurality of symbols. A first location of a tactile input is detected and displayed symbols in the vicin ...

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A method and devices for a mobile person's information retrieval where, when the person is moving, on coming closer to a point of destination, defined by him as being interesting, than a specified threshold separation, he will be informed of such a point of interest and, on request, additional ...