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The present invention relates to a method for monitoring the health of a patient by utilizing measurements. In order to improve the contact between the patient and the person treating him, the results of the measurements are supplied via a communications device (1) utilizing a wireless data transmis ...

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A system for measuring the blood glucose level in a sample of a patient's blood. Consumable test strips (

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Monitoring equipment including means for receiving a measurement result indicating the patient's blood glucose level, and for staring it in a first memory means. In order to improve and facilitate the treatment of the patient, the monitoring equipment further includes means for receiving data concer ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for controlling a mobile phone when it has been lost or stolen in order to prevent its use except to help the owner find it. Controlling the phone remotely may be implemented via a known Short Messaging System, for example. The security features provided are as fol ...

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A radiotelephone (10) includes a keypad (22) having a plurality of keys (22a, 22b) and a display device (20) for displaying information, including messages, to a user. A method includes the steps of: (a) transmitting a point-to-point short message service (SMS) message from an operator's site (36) t ...


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A conference call facility is described in which one (2a) of a group of communication devices (2a,2b,2c,2d) connected to a low power radio frequency network (9) is able to set up a call to a party external of the network (9) and then selectively add further devices (2a,2b,2c) to the call under the c ...

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A system for providing location dependent services to a plurality of mobile terminals within a coverage area. The system defines services deployment areas in which the services are available. A server receives, from a plurality of sources, location information indicating the locations of mobile term ...

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A wireless user station (10), such as a cellular telephone, is provided with a touch sensitive input device, such as a touch-sensitive display (20) or a touchpad (23). A display device displays a plurality of symbols. A first location of a tactile input is detected and displayed symbols in the vicin ...

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When an ad hoc network is formed between short range wireless devices, at least one device assumes the role of an ad hoc network information provider for the new piconet. In this role, the device allocates a browsing hierarchy of service classes in its service registry. The service classes will prov ...