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An FRP pipe having threaded ends at both ends, such as casing, tubing, and coupling, is disclosed, which is characterized in that metal plating is formed on the surface of at least one of the threaded ends.

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A new and useful light transmitting and reflecting polarizer is disclosed comprising a transparent or semi-transparent resin film, an adhesive layer having uniformly dispersed therein transparent and/or semi-transparent particles, and a polarizing layer. This polarizer is useful in liquid crystal di ...

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An oral bandage comprising a soft adhesive film comprising a mixture of a polycarboxylic acid and/or a polycarboxylic acid anhydride and a vinyl acetate polymer in a compatible state, and an oral preparation comprising such an oral bandage having incorporated therein a topical drug are disclosed. Th ...

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An electrode pad comprising a tacky crosslinked hydrogel adhered to an electrode terminal plate, through which electrical signals from the living body can be transmitted to an electric recording apparatus.

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A hydrophilic therapeutic material comprising a carrier and a drug-containing patching layer formed thereon directly or indirectly, wherein said patching layer comprises a copolymer of 5 to 75% by weight of an acrylic or methacrylic ester having an ether group in the molecule, 85 to 15% by weight of ...

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A process for purification of crude glyceride oil compositions which comprises diluting a crude glyceride oil composition containing gum material and wax as main components of impurities with an organic solvent, bringing the diluted crude glyceride oil composition into contact with a semipermeable m ...

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A transparent electrically conductive film and processes for the production thereof are described, said film comprising a metallic oxide wherein the metallic component comprises from 60 to 95 wt % indium and from 40 to 5 wt % tin formed on the surface of a plastic base, wherein the weight ratio of t ...


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A material for reinforcing a panel or plate includes a first resin layer having a high tensile modulus of elasticity after hardening; a second resin layer having a low tensile modulus of elasticity after hardening; an expandable member disposed between the second resin layer side and the panel to be ...

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A medical adhesive comprising a plaster layer containing the following ingredients, characterized in that the ingredient 2 is incorporated in a larger amount than the ingredient 5 and in an amount not less than 25% by weight relative to the total amount of the ingredients 1.about.5, and the plaster ...