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An apparatus for improving the visibility of objects within the visual field of a vehicle driver and a process therefor are disclosed. The apparatus includes a light caster casting intense visible light toward a reflective object at a frequency no lower than critical fusion frequency, an image picku ...

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For use on automobiles, the invention provides a compact device for measuring the concentration of a nitrogen oxide in a combustion gas such as an exhaust gas of an internal combustion gas. The device has an ion pumping cell using an oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte to adjust the partial pres ...

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An assembly is provided which includes a mirror body for holding a mirror and at least one container for holding an indicator. The container includes a window portion under an opening formed in the mirror body within which the mirror is disposed. The mirror body is mounted to a portion of an automob ...

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A battery condition monitor and monitoring method uses known relationships between battery impedance, remaining capacity and remaining service life at different frequencies to detect remaining capacity and remaining service life. The monitor includes a computer for computing internal impedances of t ...

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A navigation system has a map memory storing map data. The road map stored in the map memory is divided into a plurality of pages further subdivided into continuous blocks. The map memory also stores identification data for the blocks and index data for various points within the map blocks. The inde ...

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A vehicle comprising a radar system for surveillance of a side and rear area and a rearview mirror unit mounted on the outside of the vehicle body. The antenna reflector of the radar has a light-transmissible structure and is received in the frame of the rearview mirror unit so as to be spaced rearw ...

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A keyless entry system for an automotive vehicle allows operation of a vehicle device or devices without the need for an ignition key or other mechanical keys. A user can simply depress a single push-button or operate another suitable type of switch to activate the system and operate the desired veh ...

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A system constituted at a relatively large capacity and low output first battery such as a fuel cell, a smaller capacity and higher output second battery, and a current-limiting circuit for restricting the maximum discharge current of the first battery to a predetermined value slightly above the ope ...

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A sensor responsive display device includes a common display section for displaying various messages and/or warnings for a given period of time, and plural individual display sections, each corresponding to one of the messages and/or warnings displayed in the common display section.

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A suspension control system employs a road sensor monitoring road roughness or smoothness and producing a road condition indicative signal. The control system also employs other sensor or sensors for monitoring at least one preselected suspension control parameter, such as vehicle speed, steering an ...