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The closing plug and the closing plug device are used for closing a body defect percutaneously. During the insertion into the defect, the closing plug can be deformed to a smaller size to facilitate the insertion operation and recovered to its original larger shape after it is fitted to the defect, ...

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A dressing for a wound having a porous structure of continuous pores throughout the dressing made of minute filaments arranged in three dimensions and filmy links (viewed at a magnification of about 35 to 350) connecting the filaments. The porous structure has pores defined by the filmy interconnect ...

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There is provided a catheter composed of a main body fitted with a shape memory alloy member and having a liquid injection means to supply warming liquid to have said member recover the original shape thereof.

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Non-thrombogenic material comprising a base polymer treated with heparin, the improvement in which the heparin is covalently bonded with the base polymer through only one acetal bond or hemiacetal bond at each bonding site between the heparin and the base polymer.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a forceps type electrical operative instrument preventing shortcircuit between electrodes and surely cutting a tissue piece.SOLUTION: This forceps type electrical operative instrument 2 is provided with a catheter tube 4 to be inserted in the body, a cup-shaped first ...

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A wound dressing having a porous layer with a good affinity to tissue of organisms comprising (a) a first layer to be placed on the wound surface having pores of 20 to 500 .mu.m in diameter, and 1 to 10 mm thick, and (b) a second layer remote from the wound surface having pores not more than 20 .mu. ...

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A closure plug and a device for the closure plug are used in order to close an opening by the percutaneous route. During insertion into the opening, the closure plug can be deformed to a smaller size in order to facilitate the operation and can resume its original shape after it has been adapted to ...

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An apparatus for assisting blood circulation includes an inflow tube which can be inserted into the right atrium from a peripheral blood vessel or which can be inserted into the left atrium from a peripheral blood vessel through the right atrium and the foramen ovale of the interarterial septum. An ...

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A process for making a diene polymer rubber which comprises reacting an active diene polymer rubber having alkali metal and/or alkaline earth metal terminals, which is obtained by polymerizing a conjugated diene monomer alone or together with an aromatic vinyl monomer in a hydrocarbon solvent, using ...

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Disclosed is a medical valve apparatus having a valve assembly which comprises a valve seat and a movable valve, and which is arranged in a duct of a medical appliance, wherein a plurality of through holes for the passage of a fluid are formed through the valve seat, the movable valve is composed of ...