Takato Katsue: Back light device. Nippon Seiki, March 12, 2002: JP2002-072901 (93 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a back light device which permits highly brilliant illumination.SOLUTION: Dot-like light sources 14 are connected with a circuit board 15. A reflection member 16 is disposed in front of the circuit board 15, has opening parts 16a which are corresponding to the dot-li ...

Tadokoro Toyoyasu, Ohkawa Hiroshi, Wakai Hitoshi: Electroluminescent display. Nippon Seiki, McDermott Will & Emery, September 23, 2003: US06624571 (69 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed an electroluminescent (EL) device accomplishing improved visual performance. The device has a transparent substrate on which a transparent electrode layer is formed. The transparent electrode layer is partitioned into segments to represent desired shapes in terms of pixels by sele ...

Masami Ohashi: Indicating apparatus. Nippon Seiki, Kabushiki Kaisha Asahi Keiki Seisakusho, Lowe Price LeBlanc Becker & Shur, December 4, 1990: US04975807 (27 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an indicating apparatus which has light-refractive sections comprising concave and convex sections that are formed of ultraviolet-cured resin having light transmission properties and are disposed on a back surface of an indicating plate and adjacent an illuminating l ...

Iwami Shigeyuki, Shimada Kazuhiko, Ejiri Takeshi: Driving support device. Nippon Seiki, November 1, 2007: JP2007-286706 (26 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a driving support device for contributing to safe driving without annoying a user.SOLUTION: The driving support device A detects approach or entry of a vehicle to an attention area based on attention area data including at least an area where a state to call attentio ...

Hitoshi Sato, Koichi Sato, Hiroyasu Numaya, Hiroyuki Matsuda, Masaru Iwahashi, Keiji Tsurumaki, Koichi Jinushi: Stepping motor type indicator having a pole tooth with reduced end area. Nippon Seiki, McDermott Will & Emery, April 3, 2001: US06211585 (25 worldwide citation)

A stepping motor type indicator provided with unambiguous stable points having a holding force in a non-excited condition sufficient to suppress undesirable movements of a pointer. The stepping motor type indicator includes a stepping motor (

Nagano Keiichi, Takato Katsue, Yokoo Teruko, Yamada Kazuyoshi: Lighting system. Nippon Seiki, January 8, 2004: JP2004-006096 (25 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lighting system equipped with a heat radiating structure capable of efficiently radiating heat from a light source and other electronic components.SOLUTION: This lighting system is equipped with a plate-shaped wiring board H4, the light source H45 disposed on one f ...

Koide Shigeki: Pressure sensor. Nippon Seiki, April 28, 2000: JP2000-121470 (24 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pressure sensor which makes it possible to form an atmospheric pressure leading-in element by a simple construction without forming a special hole in a housing, makes it possible to prevent water and dust from entering directly, and besides makes it possible to lea ...

Youichi Ohtani: Glare-proof transparent cover plate. Nippon Seiki, Lowe Price LeBlanc Becker & Shur, July 12, 1988: US04756603 (23 worldwide citation)

A glare-proof transparent cover plate has a flat planar back and a front, facing the user, formed in a parallel arrangement of minute sawtooth ridges each having a horizontal facet extending substantially perpendicularly to the flat back and an inclined facet inclined to the flat back at an angle .a ...

Yoichi Yachida: Device which accurately displays changes in a quantity to be measured. Nippon Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha, Burgess Ryan and Wayne, April 2, 1985: US04509044 (23 worldwide citation)

Sampling data output in the form of digital signals corresponding to changes in a quantity to be measured within a predetermined period or an average value of the sampling data is compared with display data corresponding to the current display. When the accumulation signal obtained by accumulation o ...

Koichi Sato, Hiroyasu Numaya: Stepper motor. Nippon Seiki, McDermott Will & Emery, June 23, 1998: US05770900 (21 worldwide citation)

It is intended to provide a stepper motor having windings which are easy to wind. Increase in size of the motor itself can be circumvented.

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