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Disclosed is a photopolymerizable composition which is very sensitive to visible light. The composition comprises a polymerizable compound and a photopolymerization initiator wherein the photopolymerization initiator comprises (a) a particular xanthene or thioxanthene dyestuff, (b) a photosensitizer ...

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The present invention relates to a paint film embodying a new parameter representing the resistance to raindrop fouling and having very satisfactory fouling resistance, particularly resistance to raindrop fouling, even ultra-low foulability, as well as high water resistance, acid resistance, alkali ...

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A method for forming a transparent multilayer is described, using a wet-on-wet process in which first a transparent acrylic copolymer paint A and then a transparent fluorine-containing polymer paint B comprising the formula ##STR1## wherein X represents a fluorine atom or chlorine atom, and R.sub.1, ...

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A photo-sensitive composition for dry formation of image comprising a dyestuff having a photo-fading property, a ketonic sensitizing agent and a high molecular polymer as a binding agent, which can provide a visible image by the irradiation of light and maintain the image without any fixing treatmen ...


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The present invention provides a toner which substantially excludes off set and blocking of the toner particles, and a process for preparing the toner. The toner is prepared by dispersion-polymerizing a vinyl monomer in the presence of a dispersion polymerization stabilizer, a polymerization initiat ...

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A coating material having excellent adhesion to the surfaces of substrates including metals and excellent flexibility, durability, chemical-resistance and rust-preventive property which comprises water, a water-soluble organic solvent and a water-soluble, thermosetting resin as substantial film-form ...

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A water-deionizing system comprising a reservoir for receiving a quantity of water to be deionized, a first ion-exchanger unit capable of removing anions from said water, and a second ion-exchanger unit capable of removing cations from said water. The first and second ion-exchanger units are connect ...

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Disclosed is a photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording which is used for recording an interference fringe produced by a laser beam or a light having excellent coherence, as fringes having different refractive index. The composition comprising:

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Disclosed herein is a polymer composition for hydrophilic treatment containing a volatile base and I a) an olefinic polymer with more than 50% carboxylic groups, b) a polymer free of carboxylic groups containing groups capable of forming hydrogen bonds, and eventually c) a polymer containing carboxy ...