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A digital transmission system for television video signals of the type which comprises a transmitter and a receiver, the transmitter having a plurality of input terminals for receiving respective television video signals to be transmitted, a plurality of encoding units for encoding the respective vi ...

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The feature vectors of a sequence representative of a first pattern are correlated to those in another sequence representative of a second pattern in such a manner that the normalized sum of the quantities representative of the similarity between each feature vector of a sequence and at least one fe ...

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A Schottky barrier gate field effect transistor is capable of operating in the enhancement mode. The transistor includes a gallium arsenide layer formed on a substrate. The relationship between the thickness W and impurity concentration N of the gallium arsenide layer is given by the expression:2 .t ...

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A multiplex communications system is described in which a continuous signal having a relatively narrow frequency band such as a facsimile signal, may be superimposed on a signal having periodic idle intervals such as a television signal.

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A buffer memory of a transmitter stores, for transmission at a predetermined transmission rate, synchronization codes produced regularly, buffer occupancy codes immediately following the respective synchronization codes, and information codes produced between each buffer occupancy code and the next ...

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A television signal coding system is designed to avoid any increase in the volume of information transmitted resulting from transmission of unnecessary picture elements, while at the same time reducing the volume of address information required. The picture elements are compared one by one between s ...

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A non-volatile semiconductor memory device includes a gate insulating film which has a relatively thin portion in the vicinity of one of the source and drain regions at which p-n junction breakdown is performed for carrier injection.

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A space diversity receiving system is described which eliminates the low frequency phase modulation component at the intermediate frequency stage output. Received signals from two antennae are converted to intermediate frequency signals and then combined after one signal has been passed through a va ...

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A separable optical fiber connector and method for manufacturing the connector are disclosed. The end portion of a thermoplastic coated optical fiber is inserted into an axial through hole in a terminal member. The through hole includes a first portion of a relatively large diameter equal to the dia ...

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A memory write-in control system provides for each dot a plurality of color designating bits representing color information for the dot as well as a set of mask command bits corresponding to the respective color designating bits. The memory content is changed in accordance with the color designating ...