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A non-invasive physiologic signs monitoring device includes a garment with electrocardiogram electrodes and various inductive plethysmographic sensors sewn, embroidered, embedded, or otherwise attached to the garment with an adhesive. The garment is in the form of a shirt. When the garment is fitted ...

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A method for measuring respiratory drive includes determining a peak inspiratory flow and a peak inspiratory acceleration from a breath waveform derived from rib cage motion and abdominal motion using a plethysmograph or other external respiratory measuring device. The respiratory drive is ascertain ...

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A method and apparatus for use in pulse oximetry for discriminating between valid pulse waveforms and artifactual pulse waveforms. Systolic upstroke times for valid pulse waveforms are in a consistent, narrow range which varies only slightly from subject to subject. This narrow range, which may be d ...

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A reciprocating platform assembly for oscillating a subject supporting platform in a back and forth, headward to footward motion includes a platform mounted on displacement modules that are mounted to a frame. The displacement modules are signally connected to a processor that controls movement of t ...

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A method and apparatus for measuring central venous pressure (CVP) is disclosed, along with an improved transducer (50) for measuring CVP in infants. Changes in CVP may also be monitored by employing the method and apparatus of the invention.

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A non-invasive method and apparatus for monitoring individual lung function is disclosed. A transducer (12, 14) is disposed on the torso above the lung to be monitored, the transducer producing a signal corresponding to movement of the torso portion therebeneath which, in turn, corresponds to change ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide an inorganic phosphor having fluorescence properties emitting an orange or red light which has a longer wavelength as compared with the cases of conventional sialon phosphors activated with a rare earth. The invention relates to a design of white ligh ...

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Systems and techniques for the collection and display of athletic information. Athletic data relating to a single person or group of people is collected at a central location, and subsequently displayed at a desired remote location so that the person or people can review and critique their performan ...

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A phosphor which emits light having high brightness, serves as an excellent orange or red phosphor whose light brightness is less decreased when exposed to an excitation source contains a crystal phase having the chemical composition expressed by the general formula [1]: 1 - a - b Ln p M II 1 - p M ...

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A nickel-base single-crystal superalloy, essentially consists of, in percentages by weight, 4.0% to 11.0% of cobalt, 3.5% to less than 5.0% of chromium, 0.5% to 3.0% of molybdenum, 7.0% to 10.0% of tungsten, 4.5% to 6.0% of aluminum, 0.1% to 2.0% of titanium, 5.0% to 8.0% of tantalum, 1.0% to 3.0% o ...