Francois Mongeau: Exterior cover for an electrical socket or switch. Nicolet Plastique LTEE, Edwin E Greigg, April 3, 1990: US04914265 (44 worldwide citation)

New cover assemblies for electrical fixtures in buildings allow conventional outlets and (toggle) light switches to be cheaply converted into a variety of different color designs and/or colors without changing the electrical infrastructure of the fixture. The cover assemblies comprise a cover plate ...

Michel Cloutier: Wire grommet. Nicolet Plastique Ltee, Darby & Darby, November 28, 2006: US07141744 (14 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a wire grommet intended to be positioned in a hole made into a surface of a panel or plate. The grommet is made of two identical elements having adjacent edges provided with tongues and grooves allowing them to be assembled to form an open container with a size and shape adapted to allo ...

Cloutier Michel: Feed-through sleeve pencil holder. Nicolet Plastique Ltee, May 24, 2006: EP1658782-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

The grommet has two identical units (3, 5) with adjacent edges having male and female sections (9, 11) permitting the assembly of the units to form an open container of size adapted to be inserted and maintained in a hole in a surface of a panel. Each unit has lateral edges with openings (15) permit ...

Menard Louis, Cloutier Michel: (Fr) Contenant pour classeur a filieres, (En) Container for file cabinet. Nicolet Plastique Ltee, Menard Louis, Cloutier Michel, ROBIC, November 13, 2008: WO/2008/134863 (1 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a container that can be used for sorting objects in a file cabinet provided with holders to which the files are attached. The container is in the shape of a rigid housing dimensioned so as to be insertable in the file cabinet. The housing includes an open top and at lea ...


Menard Louis: File holder for cd. Nicolet Plastique Ltee, June 21, 2006: EP1672640-A1

The support (1) in the form of hanging file folder installable in drawer, has compact disk (CD) receiving zones at one of its side, The CD hooking systems (13) in each zone, has hooks (11) to hold several CDs (3) in the zones.


Menard Louis: Stand for suspension files. Nicolet Plastique Ltee, May 24, 2006: EP1658998-A1

The support has a frame (3) installed into an opening made into a flat surface and including an upper portion with an edge. A lower portion of the frame has an internal J-shaped folding for hanging file holders (9, 11). A closing lid (13) is pivotably mounted onto the frame in order to close the fra ...

Cloutier Michel, Menard Louis: Slide for a keyboard tray. Nicolet Plastique Ltee, May 24, 2006: EP1658783-A2

The slide has an elongated piece with an upper portion having openings to receive screws for fixing it under a working surface. A C-shaped lower portion has a slot through which a screw is inserted to retain a side of a keyboard tray with the lower portion while allowing the tray to be moved and sto ...