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An ultrasonic transducer includes: piezoelectric elements; a pair of clamping members which clamp said piezoelectric elements; and a cover member which is crimped to at least one of said pair of clamping members in a state where said cover member cooperates with said pair of clamping members to surr ...

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A capacitor-built-in-type printed wiring substrate which can reliably eliminate noise and attain extremely low resistance and low inductance in connections between an IC chip and the capacitor, and a printed wiring substrate and capacitor for use in the same. A capacitor-built-in-type printed wiring ...

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An assisting tool for pressing a piston while fixing in place a syringe or a similar instrument which contains a highly viscous chemical agent, so as to extrude the chemical agent, as well as a method for extruding a chemical agent using the same. The chemical-agent extrusion assisting-tool includes ...

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A printed circuit board includes a number of ball-shaped terminals provided on one main surface of the board. Each of the ball-shaped terminals includes a metallic ball brazed on a pad provided on the main surface of the board. A thin gold layer is deposited by plating on the surface of the metallic ...

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The disclosed oxygen sensor includes three plate-like elements disposed in parallel and a heater, i.e., an oxygen pump element with electrodes and said heater disposed adjacent thereto, an oxygen concentration cell element with electrodes, and an insulating board disposed between the first two eleme ...

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An artificial femoral head having outer casing and generally spherical head inserted therein with a plurality of bearings inserted therebetween, permitting rotation with a coefficient of friction substantially equal to that of human cartilage. An artificial hip joint having a cup-shaped socket, capa ...

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A small oxygen enriching apparatus which can supply oxygen-enriched gas at high flow rate without imparting unnatural sensation to a user, as well as a controller and recording medium therefore. In step 100, a judgment is made as to whether a flow rate set by use of a flow-rate setting unit 45 is eq ...

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A rapid heat-dissipating type spark plug has a metallic shell which is made of material having a tensile stress of more than 40 Kg/mm.sup.2 with a thermal conductivity of more than 60 W/m.multidot.k.

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An integrated circuit package in which three conductor columns for connecting an insulating substrate and an integrated circuit are connected in parallel for use as I/O vias. Thereby, the conductor columns in a multilayer wiring portion between an integrated circuit and an insulating substrate is pr ...