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A cable for transmitting information includes a set of conductors or pairs or quads of conductors insulated from each other to limit crosstalk between the conductors, pairs or quads and at least two metalized longitudinal flexible tapes separating the conductors, pairs or quads. The tapes are applie ...

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A modular telecommunication jack comprising contact terminals and a crosstalk compensation arrangement. The crosstalk compensation arrangement is constituted by parallel metallic plates (P

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The present invention provides a cassette for coiling at least one optical fiber provided with a splice protection, in which said optical fiber is to be wound in such a manner as to fit closely against an inside peripheral wall of said cassette, said cassette being provided with two entry points in ...

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The distribution frame and the method relate to a telecommunication installation in which optical fiber links are connected to connection members formed by sockets distributed on the front face of at least one distribution rack and in which jumpers provide the links between the connection members to ...

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A composite cable to be laid by being drawn or blown into a cable tube, which has at least two insulated copper wires (1, 2) which are stranded with one another, and at least one single-fiber optical waveguide (3, 4) and a cable sheath (5). The insulation of the copper wires has an inner layer (1b, ...

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A subsea umbilical includes electrically insulated power conductors, fiber optic elements, electrical signal cables, and fillers within a common outer cover. At least one of the electrical signal cables is enclosed within a dedicated metal tube, and the umbilical is hung off on an offshore platform ...

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A vibration resistant overhead electrical cable is provided, such as a high-voltage transmission line, which has an insulated conductor, the insulation of which has an axially continuously rotating oval or elliptical outer periphery such that the aerodynamic forces acting on the cable act in a conti ...

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A multiple pair cable with individually shielded pairs and that is easy to connect has a circular cross-section and includes a plurality of individually insulated conductor pairs and an electrical shield around each pair. The electrical shields of the various pairs include a central rod with radial ...

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A cable includes a set of pairs of conductors isolated from each other to limit crosstalk between the pairs. The cable includes a flexible central cord. The pairs are separated by peripheral cords that are also flexible and distributed around the central cord. The assembly is surrounded by a sheath.

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A composite cable includes at least two optical fiber components and at least one additional component. An irradiated crosslinked jacket surrounds the optical fiber component and the at least one additional component. A shield encloses at least the two optical fiber components within the jacket, whe ...