Stephen R Lawrence, C Lee Giles: Meta search engine. NEC Laboratories America, February 14, 2006: US06999959 (165 worldwide citation)

A computer implemented meta search engine and search method. In accordance with this method, a query is forwarded to one or more third party search engines, and the responses from the third party search engine or engines are parsed in order to extract information regarding the documents matching the ...

Franjo Ivancic, Pranav N Ashar, Malay Ganai, Aarti Gupta, Zijiang Yang: System and method for modeling, abstraction, and analysis of software. NEC Laboratories America, March 18, 2008: US07346486 (97 worldwide citation)

A system and method is disclosed for formal verification of software programs that advantageously translates the software, which can have bounded recursion, into a Boolean representation comprised of basic blocks and which applies SAT-based model checking to the Boolean representation.

Matthew L Miller, Ingemar J Cox: Applying informed coding, informed embedding and perceptual shaping to design a robust, high-capacity watermark. NEC Laboratories America, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, February 7, 2006: US06996249 (67 worldwide citation)

A watermark message embedded in a cover work can be made robust to various types of post-embedding operations, while simultaneously minimizing perceptual impact on the cover work. This is accomplished by the informed coding of the watermark message to be embedded. This is also accomplished by the in ...

Narayan Prasad, Xiaodong Wang, Mohammad Madihian: Spherical lattice codes for lattice and lattice-reduction-aided decoders. NEC Laboratories America, Bao Tran, Joseph Kolodka, January 3, 2012: US08091006 (64 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for designing spherical lattice codebooks for use in data transmission systems are provided. A spherical lattice codebook is constructed by determining the channel statistics of one or more channels, which can be accomplished by observing a sufficiently large set of channel rea ...

Matthew L Miller: Watermarking with cone-forest detection regions. NEC Laboratories America, February 15, 2005: US06856693 (62 worldwide citation)

In a watermarking system, an embedder embeds one of several alternative watermark patterns that represent the source message using side information to improve robustness. A detector uses normalized correlation to test all of the patterns, indicating that the source message is present if any one of t ...

Ingemar J Cox, Matthew L Miller: Robust digital watermarking. NEC Laboratories America, May 18, 2004: US06738493 (53 worldwide citation)

A watermarking procedure that is applicable to images, audio, video and multimedia data to be watermarked divides the data to be watermarked into a set of n×n blocks, such as the 8×8 blocks of MPEG. The same watermark signal can be distributed throughout the set of blocks in a large variety of ways. ...

Mitsuhito Sakaguchi, Tineke Thio, Richard A Linke, Thomas W Ebbesen, Henri J Lezec: Surface plasmon-enhanced read/write heads for optical data storage media. NEC Laboratories America, December 21, 2004: US06834027 (46 worldwide citation)

A read/write head for an optical storage medium is provided. The read/write head comprises a waveguide having an end face and a plasmon-enhanced device provided on the end face of the waveguide. The plasmon-enhanced device comprises a metal film having a first surface and a second surface, the first ...

Eduardo Pinheiro, Ricardo Bianchini, Cezary Dubnicki: System and method for dynamically changing the power mode of storage disks based on redundancy and system load. NEC Laboratories America, Jeffrey Mark Weinick, April 7, 2009: US07516346 (45 worldwide citation)

A system and method for reducing energy consumption in an information storage system is disclosed which takes advantage of the redundancy in a typical storage system.

Srihari Cadambi, Joseph Kilian, Pranav Ashar, Srimat T Chakradhar: Content-based information retrieval architecture. NEC Laboratories America, Benjamin S Lee, March 28, 2006: US07019674 (42 worldwide citation)

A content-based information retrieval architecture is herein disclosed that can achieve correct and predictable high speed lookups while taking advantage of inexpensive conventional memory components. A content-based information retrieval architecture is herein disclosed that can achieve high speed ...

Yihong Gong, Mei Han, Wei Xu: Video foreground segmentation method. NEC Laboratories America, Brosemer Kolefas & Associates, October 21, 2008: US07440615 (42 worldwide citation)

A fully automatic, computationally efficient segmentation method of video employing sequential clustering of sparse image features. Both edge and corner features of a video scene are employed to capture an outline of foreground objects and the feature clustering is built on motion models which work ...

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