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Digital watermarking of data, including image, video and audio data, is performed by repeatedly inserting the watermark into subregions or subimages of the data. Similarly, the watermark is repeatedly extracted from the subregions of the data.

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A biosensor is provided with a memory for storing data including a data and a time of fabricating the biosensor, a lot number of the biosensor, an effective period of the biosensor, the biosensor characteristics, and administrative data of the biosensor. The memory may store additional data such as ...

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A drop in measurement accuracy of biosensors, due to interferents in a measurement sample is avoided by an arrangement wherein: a hydrogen peroxide electrode 2 is formed on an insulated base 1, and then a .gamma.-aminopropyltriethoxysilane film 3, an acetylcellulose film 4, a perfluorocarbonsulfonic ...

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The present invention provides a hypermedia database for managing bookmarks, which allows a user to organize hypertext documents for querying, navigating, sharing and viewing. In addition, the hypermedia database also provides access control to the information in the database. The hypermedia databas ...

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An advanced bookmark database system provides query, re-organization, information sharing, view, and access control capabilities to manage bookmarks. In one embodiment of the bookmark database system of the present invention, HTML document parsing, keyword extraction, and HTML/VRML document generati ...

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An image display device has multiple active elements arranged therein, such as an organic EL (Electro-Luminescence) element to matrix-drives these active elements. In the image display device, when a switching element is turned on with a control signal applied to a control electrode, a control curre ...

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An image processor comprising an image pickup portion to take in an image of an object, a reference point extracting portion that extracts a reference point to be used in object extraction from images taken by the image pickup portion,a corresponding point detecting portion that detects a correspond ...

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In an image processing system having a primary image pickup device and a plurality of reference image pickup devices, a feature region consisting of a plurality of feature segments each defined by a pair of feature points is extracted from a primary image. Subsequently, a correspondence point candid ...

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A process of fabricating a three-dimensional semiconductor device, comprising the steps of preparing at least two multilayer structures each including at least one semiconductor element and a conductor connected at one end to the semiconductor element and having at the other end an exposed surface, ...

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In a light-emitting element drive circuit in an active matrix display device, at least one current-control transistor controls a current flowing through a light-emitting element. The current-control transistor and the light-emitting element are connected in parallel to each other. A constant current ...