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The present invention is directed to liquid homogenous adjuvant blends that include a liquid iminodipropionate amphoteric surfactant, ammonium sulfate and water. The liquid homogenous adjuvant blends are used in spray carrier containing herbicides for conytrol of weeds or other undesired vegetation.

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A system and method to take data, which is in the form of an n-dimensional array of binary data where the binary data is comprised of bits that are identified by a bit position within the n-dimensional array, and create one file for each bit position of the binary data while maintaining the bit posi ...

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A system and method for concurrency control in high performance database systems. Generally includes receiving a database access request message from a transaction. Then, generating an element that corresponds to the access request message. The element type is that of a read element, commit element, ...

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A method of preparing a aminofunctional alkoxy polysiloxane is disclosed. The method includes reacting a polyhydrosiloxane with an alcohol reactant containing an aminoalcohol to form the aminofunctional alkoxy polysiloxane. Linear and cyclic aminofunctional alkoxy polysiloxane are also disclosed. A ...

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Systems and methods of classifying a subject data item based on a training set of pre-classified data items. A piecewise-linear approximation of a local boundary between different classes of data items is automatically computed. The local boundary is approximated by a neighborhood set of data items ...

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A spectroscopic system that processes spatially dispersed electromagnetic emissions at a number of wavelengths from a test material. The spectroscopic system includes a converter that generates an electrical signal that is proportional to the intensity of electromagnetic radiation received by the co ...

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An exemplary signal processing system determines vector mismatch between a plurality of signal paths. Advantageously, the system can determine mismatch across a range of frequencies. A signal generator of the system can provide a periodic calibration signal having a plurality of frequency components ...

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An optical sensor for use in measuring constituents of an agricultural product. An optical sensing window passes a stream of the agricultural product, and a radiation source irradiates the stream as it passes through the optical sensing window. A receiver receives radiation transmitted through the s ...

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Polysiloxanes terminated with one or more hydroxy functional carbamate groups are provided. The polymers may have the formula (I) wherein R1, R2, R3, and R4 are independently hydrogen, C1- C10 alkyl, C1- C10 fluoro-substituted alkyl, cyclopentyl, cyclohexyl, benzyl, toluyl, xylyl and/or phenyl; R5 a ...

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Polyaminofunctional alkoxy polysiloxanes which exhibit antineoplastic activity are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions including an effective amount of a polyaminofunctional alkoxy polysiloxane and/or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof are also disclosed. The application also describes me ...