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A device for aerobic exercise characterized by increased user comfort, especially during extended periods of use which comprises an elongate frame, a housing enclosing the frame, a stress imposing pedal-driven fan carried by one end portion of the frame and a user supporting and positioning seat car ...

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The machine disclosed is for particular use in the duo-squat exercising of the legs and provides the proper variation of resistance to movement in all positions when the legs are being moved between the extended and retracted positions and vice versa. The machine includes a negative profile cam to w ...

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This machine includes a saddle-type seat for supporting the user in substantially an upright position with the legs being maintained in position during use of the machine. A user-actuated lever is provided with a padded roller on one end thereof. The padded roller is adapted to engage the back of th ...

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An exercise device providing a fore and aft horizontal component of striding motion that is dynamically user-defined, while providing a vertical component of the motion that is maintained on a predetermined vertically reciprocating path in some embodiments. The exercise device guides the user's ...

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Exercise machine having a frame with a pair of upstanding sections disposed substantially at right angles to each other, a weight stack mounted on each of the frame sections, a cable coupled to each of the weight stacks for transferring a pull on the cable to the weights in the stack, a pulley block ...

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A leg exercise machine includes a frame having a seat connected thereto for supporting a user in a seated position thereon. A foot engaging member is adapted for engaging the feet of a user and receiving force from the user leg. The foot engaging member is pivotally mounted on the frame by a four-ba ...

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An exercise machine for assisting a user in performing chin-ups and dips includes a pair of handles attached to a frame and a kneeling platform operably connected to the frame by a four-bar linkage. The pair of handles may be a pair of chin-up handles attached to an upper portion of the frame or a p ...

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An exercise apparatus includes a frame, user actuation components connected to the frame for being engaged and moved by a user during an exercise, and a rheological fluid brake operatively connected to the user actuation components for applying a controllable resistance to movement thereof. The rheo ...

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An exercising apparatus in which the body is supported while being restricted to rotary movement of upper and lower torso portions one relative to the other. Restriction of movement isolates the abdominal muscle group while accomplishing "full range" exercise as herein defined.

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Apparatus and method for exercising the abductor or adductor muscles in which the legs of the user are moved away from and toward one another and in which resistance to leg movement varies in predetermined relationship to leg movement. The apparatus is connected through link structure to accommodate ...