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A prosthetic joint device is provided with first and second components respectively providing convex and relatively flat articulatory bearing surfaces, and a third component is located between the former components and has two surfaces which are complementary to and engage the convex and flat surfac ...

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A pulse oximeter apparatus characterized in that it comprises a bandpass filter adapted selectively to exclude motion artefact from wanted signal is disclosed.

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In a bioelectrochemical process in which the electrons are transferred directly, without use of a mediator, such as a redox dye or cofactor, between an electrode and an electroactive biological material, such as an enzyme or a protein, in either direction, rapid electron transfer has previously been ...

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A device useful in diagnostics in which a biochemical species is attached to the surface of a sensor, especially to the gate of a field effect transistor. In such a "BIOCHEMFET" it has been a problem to attach two or more biochemical species to the surface of the sensor, especially to the gates of a ...

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There are provided processes for carrying out enzymatic reactions, especially processes for the oxidative or reductive transformation of organic compounds catalyzed by enzymes, in which the enzymes require a continuing supply of reducing equivalents to regenerate reduced enzyme species in enzymatica ...

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When a computer user is granted access to certain capabilities of a computer he is often given a password signifying these capabilities. A problem arises in that unauthorized users may copy the password and so gain access to the capabilities. In the present invention an enciphered message relating t ...

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A prosthetic knee joint device comprises a femoral component in the form of a shell member having two condylar portions with major convex bearing surfaces areas, which portions are bridged at one end by a portion defining a trough between the convex areas. An associated tibial component has similar ...

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A prosthetic device (10) suitable for use in the treatment of stress incontinence in women by location as a cuff around the urethra, to elevate the bladder following prolapse, comprises a body (11) composed predominantly of a cross-linked synthetic polymer hydrogel having a water content of the orde ...

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New insecticides are of formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 represents hydrogen or a methyl group; R.sup.2 represents hydrogen or a halogeno or lower alkyl group; R.sup.3 represents hydrogen or a halogeno, lower alkyl (which is different to R.sup.2 when R.sup.2 represents a lower alkyl group) or carbo ...

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An arrangement to apply a milking apparatus to the udder of an animal at a milking point including a store for the apparatus, a handling device having an elongate arm to support and move the apparatus between an apparatus acquisition point and the milking point, a stall to define a specific space fo ...