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A compliance aid for medication including electronic circuitry to remind the patient when the next dose is due, in which removal of a dose of medicine interrupts individual conductors within the medication package and resets a timer and alarm. The electronic circuitry may be integrally housed within ...

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Catheters are provided with coating of a hydrophilic acrylate or methacrylate polymer. The coating reduces the irritation and infection normally accompanying the use of catheters. Infection can be reduced still further by absorbing an antibiotic in the coating.

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Hydrophilic polymeric chambers for encapsulating biologically active tissue and methods for their preparation. The tissue refers to those essential cellular components of a particular organ that is capable of receiving, modifying or secreting hormones. A device comprising such chamber and such tissu ...

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The present invention relates to an improved delivery system for a dental treatment solution. More particularly, the apparatus disclosed includes a housing defining a well, a reservoir container for the dental treatment solution, and a pump for delivery of the solution to a hand piece. The pump incl ...

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Boron redox species can provide electrochemical cells for battery or energy storage systems that are characterized by favorable specific energy, energy density, capital and operating cost, recharge efficiency, safety, environmental impact, serviceability and longevity.

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Composite fiber materials are adapted for odorizing, deodorizing, sanitizing and cleansing purposes by treating the fibrous material with a coating of a hydrophilic acrylate or methacrylate containing an appropriate essence, bactericide, cleansing agent or the like. Both natural and synthetic fibers ...

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In a method for removal of dental plaque and caries in dentistry, there is applied to the teeth a high velocity pulsating jet stream of liquid possibly subjected also to ultrasonic vibration. The jet stream is pulsated, preferably with pulsations having a pressure-time wave form which includes, in e ...

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A method of preparing a hydrophilic plastic cartridge by centrifugally cang polymerizable hydrophilic material in a rotating polymerization tube whose longitudinal axis is maintained parallel to the ground. The speed of rotation causes radial outward displacement of the polymerizable material which ...

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Microorganisms are entrapped in a hydrophilic acrylate or methacrylate to provide controlled release or quick release or to provide a regulated time of contact with an environment on which the microorganisms can act.

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Hydrophilic copolymers are prepared of compounds having the formulae: ##STR1## where R is hydrogen or methyl, R.sub.2 is alkylene of 2 to 3 carbon atoms, R.sub.1 is alkoxy of 1 to 6 carbon atoms, R.sub.3 is alkylene of 2 to 3 carbon atoms and m is an integer of 2 to 6. The preferred copolymers are h ...