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Nanostructured non-stoichiometric materials are disclosed. Novel biomedical materials and their applications are discussed. More specifically, the specifications teach the use of nanotechnology and nanostructured materials for developing novel biomedical products.

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Nano-engineered devices exhibiting quantum effect and methods for forming such devices from nanomaterials are disclosed. Multilaminated sensing, piezoelectric, photonic, biomedical and thermal devices are taught. The composition included are chalcogenides, oxides, nitrides, borides, carbides, phosph ...

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Dispersed powders are disclosed that comprise fine nanoscale powders dispersed on coarser carrier powders. The composition of the dispersed fine powders may be oxides, carbides, nitrides, borides, chalcogenides, metals, and alloys. Fine powders discussed are of sizes less than 100 microns, preferabl ...

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Illustrations are provided on applications and usage of electrically activated catalysts. Methods are disclosed for preparing catalysts from nanomaterials. Processes and devices are described that utilize catalysts. The invention can also be applied to improve the performance of existing catalysts, ...

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Nanocomposites from nanofillers with preferred form of whiskers, rods, plates and fibers are disclosed. The matrix composition described includes polymers, ceramics and metals. The composition disclosed include inorganic, organic and metallic. These nanocomposites are useful in wide range of applica ...

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Methods for lowering processing and raw material costs are disclosed. Specifically, the use of nanostructured powders is disclosed for faster and lower sintering temperatures whereby electrodes currently employing platinum can be substituted with lower melting point metals and alloys.

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A nanocomposite structure comprising a nanostructured filler or carrier intimately mixed with a matrix, and methods of making such a structure. The nanostructured filler has a domain size sufficiently small to alter an electrical, magnetic, optical, electrochemical, chemical, thermal, biomedical, or ...

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Methods of producing metal and alloy fine powders having purity in excess of 99.9%, preferably 99.999%, more preferably 99.99999% are discussed. Fine submicron and nanoscale powders discussed include various shapes and forms including spheres, rods, whiskers, platelets and fibers. The use of surfact ...

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Methods for changing the surface area of nanomaterials to improve properties, processing and product manufacturing. These methods are useful for oxides, nitrides, carbides, borides, metals, alloys, chalcogenides, and other compositions.

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Post-processing methods for nanoparticles are disclosed. Methods for real time quality control of nanoscale powder manufacture are discussed. Uses of post-processed particles and consolidation methods are disclosed. Disclosed methods can enable commercial use of nanoscale powders in wide range of na ...