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Water-soluble vinyl addition polymers and gums may be rapidly dissolved in water by first dispersing these polymers into a water-in-oil emulsion and then inverting these emulsions in water. The inversion of the emulsion releases the polymer into water as a solution.

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A composition suitable as an additive in down-hole fluid for inhibiting clay swelling in a down-hole formation is comprised of an aqueous solution of a quaternary amine-based cationic polyelectrolyte and salt(s). The cation of the salt(s) may be a divalent salt cation, a choline cation, are certain ...

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A method to determine performance of a treating agent (CA) added to a system body of liquid to enhance performance of the liquid body is determined by employing an inert fluorescent tracer (T) in a known T:CA dosage proportion, prepared on the basis of a concentration of CA (e.g. ppm) proposed for o ...

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Novel metal-organic microporous materials are prepared in solution using mild reaction conditions from a metal or metalloid ion with a ligand containing multidentate functional groups in the presence of a templating agent. The resultant microporous materials are useful in the purification of liquids ...

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An improved binder for use in paper-making contains three ingredients, a cationic starch having a degree of substitution of at least 0.01, a high molecular weight anionic polymer having a molecular weight of at least 500,000 and a degree of anionic substitution of at least 0.01, and a dispersed sili ...

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In a papermaking process a paper product is formed from a mineral filler containing cellulosic slurry. Retention performance is provided by the sequential addition of a cationic charge-biasing species, an anionic flocculant, and then a certain microparticle. A shear stage is interposed between the f ...

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Dust is controlled on roads, in mines, on mineral and tailings piles, surfaces of pulverized coal and mineral piles contained within open transit cars such as coal cars or trucks, and other surfaces containing coal particles, rock dust, clay, soil particles and other finely divided particles subject ...

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A process in which fine paper is made by forming an aqueous cellulosic suspension comprising fibers, a precipitated calcium carbonate filler and a cationic starch strengthening agent, passing the suspension through one or more shear stages, draining the suspension to form a sheet and drying the shee ...

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A colloidal silica slurry comprising: a low metals ammonium-stabilized silica sol having the following characteristics: SiO.sub.2 present in the range between about 15 to about 50 weight percent; a pH in the range between about 8.5 to about 11.3; a particle diameter in the range between about 4.0 to ...

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Personal care compositions are provided which have as a thickening agent a lightly cross-linked cationic vinyl addition polymer. Such compositions include water, at least one cosmetically-active agent, and such thickening agent, preferably one derived from the polymerization of a cationic vinyl addi ...