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Water-soluble vinyl addition polymers and gums may be rapidly dissolved in water by first dispersing these polymers into a water-in-oil emulsion and then inverting these emulsions in water. The inversion of the emulsion releases the polymer into water as a solution.

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A polymerization process prepares a water-soluble polymer in the form of a water-continuous dispersion. In this process the peak in-production viscosity developed in the aqueous reaction mixture is lower than the peak in-production viscosity developed in an equivalent batch polymerization. The proce ...

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The present invention is particularly useful in preparing a water soluble polymer dispersion. According to one preferred embodiment of the invention, the dispersion is prepared by polymerizing a water soluble mixture of from about 15 to about 30% percent by weight of a cationic monomer represented b ...

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A process for the preparing a water soluble polymer dispersion which comprises polymerizing a water soluble mixture which comprises: (a) a cationic monomer represented by the general formula (I) as defined herein, and/or a second cationic monomer represented by the general formula (II) as defined he ...

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Preparing microporous materials comprises admixing a solution containing: (i) one or more metal ions selected from: Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+, Sc3+, Y3+, Ti4+, Zr4+, Hf4+, V4+, V3+, V2+, Nb3+, Ta3+, Cr3+, Mo3+, W3+, Mn3+, Mn2+, Re3+, Re3+, Fe3+, Fe2+, Ru3+, Ru2+, Os3+, Os2+, Co3+, Co2+, Rh2+, Rh+, Ir2+ ...

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Techniques for obtaining superabsorbent polymers having less than 10 parts per million residual monomer particularly (meth)acrylic acid monomers, are disclosed. These techniques involve the use of combination products including surfactants and vinyl addition compounds. The surfactant can be any surf ...

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The present invention relates to a composition, a method for preparing a composition, and a method for analyzing the composition where the composition includes a liquid hydrocarbon and one or more marker compounds of formula (I): where Y is selected from X-R or NRR, and where X is an oxygen atom or ...

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A blend which contains homopolymers useful for imparting wet and dry strength to pulp and paper fibers which comprises a major amount of non-ionic polyacrylamide, together with glyoxal to impart crosslinking and a cationic regulator selected from the group consisting of a low molecular weight dimeth ...

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1,198,734. Distilling hydrocarbons. NALCO CHEMICAL CO. 1 May, 1968, No. 20738/68. Heading C5E. [Also in Division C7] A process for controlling corrosion caused by acidic components in the initial condensate of a distilled petroleum product comprises adding a corrosion-inhibiting amount of morpholine ...

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A colloidal silica slurry comprising: a low metals ammonium-stabilized silica sol having the following characteristics: SiO2 present in the range between about 15 to about 50 weight percent; a pH in the range between about 8.5 to about 11.3; a particle diameter in the range between about 4.0 to abou ...