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A turbo engine with a gas turbine to drive propellers or propfan blades is disclosed which includes a speed reduction transmission interposed behind the gas turbine output drive shaft and the propellers or propfan blades. A cooling air impeller is provided to provide the supply of cooling air to an ...

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A propfan turbine engine having a reduction gearing for the propfan rotors is provided with a lubricating system of its own for the reduction gearing, the system being arranged axially between the gas turbine and the reduction gearing and formed as an annular assembly surrounding a drive shaft from ...

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A multiple-layer wall is provided for a hollow body to sustain high thermal and mechanical loads and to afford adequate thermal insulation. The wall has, on the inside, a heat and/or wear resistant ceramic inner layer and, surrounding it, a preferably prestressed retaining layer of fiber reinforced ...

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A thermal turbomachine casing having a multilayer heat insulation liner including a metallic bond coat in direct contact with the casing wall, a ceramic heat insulation layer bonded to the bond coat, and preferably an abradable coating in the form of a porous, predominantly metallic, top layer bonde ...

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The useful life of a gas turbine combustion chamber and especially its flame pipe is increased by an improved cooling arrangement which branches off a small proportion of the air from the compressor upstream of the combustion chamber. The branched off air is directed into the combustion chamber and ...

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A brush seal for first and second spaced, adjoining members which are capable of undergoing universal relative displacement, the seal comprising a plurality of flexible bristles having opposite ends, one of which is secured in a clamp causing the bristles to fan outwardly towards the other end. The ...

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A protective sheet for a resin pre-impregnated fiber board (prepreg) incorporates ferromagnetic material. This permits effective and safe manipulation of the fiber board during processing (trimming) and in the manufacture of fiber components.

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A turbine nozzle vane suspension arrangement of the type wherein the nozzle vanes are suspended by their outer shroud segments from the outer turbine casing and are suspended by their vane ring segments from an annular vane carrier. The vane carrier has axially spaced apart and radially-extending wa ...

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A sealing device is provided, specifically between engine spaces which fluidically are acted upon by a different pressure, particularly for turbo-engines, such as gas turbo-engines. The sealing device includes at least one brush sealing device non-rotatably anchored at the stator side, the free bris ...

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A turbofan engine includes two oppositely rotating fan rotors which are arranged upstream of the core engine, and has a booster with two contra-rotating coaxial rotors. The radially exterior booster rotor is arranged between the rearward fan rotor and the low-pressure turbine in a torque-transmittin ...