Pennaz Thomas J: Circuit chip connector and method of connecting a circuit chip. Morgan Adhesives Co, September 27, 2000: EP1039543-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

An interposer and a method of manufacturing a flexible radio frequency (RF) type device having an IC and thin film circuits, such as an antenna. The device is made by using an easy-to-insert interposer subassembly with pre-positioned ICs to mechanically and electrically attach an IC to the thin film ...

Jack M McClintock, Gerald H Knittel: Pressure sensitive adhesive tape with central release liner. Morgan Adhesives Co, Oldham & Oldham Co, December 3, 1991: US05069969 (20 worldwide citation)

A sandwich type composite adhesive construction in a simpler form, composed of a central release liner having a permanent adhesive layer on one side thereof and a pressure sensitive adhesive layer on the other side preferably separated therefrom by a release coat or member, and at least one release ...

Jack M McClintock: Method of making an adhesive construction. Morgan Adhesives Co, Oldham Oldham & Wilson Co, August 10, 1993: US05234520 (17 worldwide citation)

This invention supplies an adhesive construction for insulation, preferably pipe insulation, having at least one coat of adhesive on at least a part of a face of the slit with a release member to keep the adhesive from adhering to the second face and a method of making the same article.

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A composite pressure sensitive adhesive construction contains a central release liner, a layer of an adhesive on each side thereof, and an exterior release liner on at least one of the adhesive layers. The central release liner and the exterior release liner contain release coatings on surfaces ther ...

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The present invention is a method of attaching a tag to the inner surface of a tire. Methods of mounting a tag on an inner surface of a tire include coating a tag or a premask film with a pressure sensitive adhesive on a side and adhering that side of the tag or premask to the inner surface of a tir ...

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A seal splice or tape comprising a carrier having an adhesive construction on the opposite side thereof. The adhesive construction comprises an adhesive coating on the carrier layer with a release agent and liner thereover. The adhesive coat extending from end to end on one side and only part way in ...

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A method and apparatus for a pull tab opening mechanism utilized in container systems for easy opening and convenient manufacturing. The method and apparatus therefor comprising a base paper stock in which a pour hole is die cut. The paper stock being laminated with layers of aluminum foil and polye ...

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An improved shelf life composition useful as adhesives and, especially, pressure sensitive adhesives is made by mixing an acrylic composition with a catalyst of the tin type and a non-reactive silicone composition essentially free of hydroxyl and hydrogens on the silicon atoms and of the formula sho ...

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A label forming laminate including a face sheet, a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive abutting on one surface of the face sheet, a paper backing layer, and a release layer between an inner face surface of the paper backing layer and the adhesive layer, the paper layer having one machine glazed sur ...

Pennaz Thomas J: Circuit chip connector and method for connecting circuit chip. Morgan Adhesives Co, November 7, 2000: JP2000-311233 (9 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To speedily and easily fit IC to the metallic film substrate of an RF antenna by bridging the two parts of the antenna through an interposer by exceeding a gap. SOLUTION: A gap 46 exists between contact pads 34 and 36 so that these surfaces are electrically separated. The conta ...