Sprayable compositions. Monsanto Chemicals, June 29, 1960: GB839805-A (53 worldwide citation)

A sprayable composition comprises a copolymer of maleic anhydride and a C2-C4 olefine esterified to the extent of 50-70% with a C1-C4 alkanol, as solvent an anhydrous C1-C4 alkanol and as a propellant a C1-C3 halogenated alkane. The copolymer may contain the olefine and anhydride in a mol. ratio bet ...

Baxter Samuel Paul, Marchant Keith: Laminate with flocked fiber pile. Monsanto Chemicals, Weinkauf Russell E, June 3, 1975: US3887737 (28 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises a laminate in which one face of a fabric sheet bears a pile of flocked fibers and the opposing face is bonded to a sheet of a foamed polyolefin resin. The laminates are useful as surface covering materials; e.g., carpets, upholstery and wall-coverings.

Samuel Baxter, Pushpkumar Dewanmal Changani: Filter elements. Monsanto Chemicals, Russell E Weinkauf, February 24, 1976: US03939849 (27 worldwide citation)

A polyolefin filter for tobacco products and the like was prepared. The extruded element is an open-cell foamed polyethylene or polypropylene having a TPM filtration efficiency greater than 20 percent. The filter rod can be made by extruding polyethylene containing less than 0.2 moles of a volatile ...

Weight Donald: Footwear. Monsanto Chemicals, April 3, 1973: US3724105 (21 worldwide citation)

Footwear, such as a boot or shoe, having an insole comprising an extruded foamed resin sheet wherein the resin is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer or a blend thereof with polyethylene and has a polymerized vinyl acetate content of 2-17 percent by weight. The insole has a substantially uniform thi ...

Lynch Eric Royle, Cummings William: Nitrogen-containing aromatic compounds. Monsanto Chemicals, January 17, 1968: GB1099096-A (18 worldwide citation)

Novel fluorinated di-imides have the formula A-Ar-A wherein Ar represents an aromatic structure having one or more aromatic carbocyclic nuclei, A represents an imide group of the formula in which R is a radical containing one or more aromatic nuclei. The two carbonyl groups are attached to adjacent ...

Volans Peter, Changani Pushkumar Dewanmal: Production of fibrous materials. Monsanto Chemicals, July 9, 1969: GB1157695-A (18 worldwide citation)

1,157,695. Fibrillating foamed materials. MONSANTO CHEMICALS Ltd. 3 Oct., 1967 [17 Nov., 1966], No. 51479/66. Headings D1F, D1R and D1W. A fibrous material for example a non- woven fabric, or a yarn as described in specispecifications 1,114,151 and 1,131,282 respectively, or discrete fibres - is pro ...

Changani Pushpkumar Dewanmal: Tobacco smoke filter. Monsanto Chemicals, Nelson Joseph S, Grattan Edward P, Logomasini James C, January 21, 1975: US3861404 (14 worldwide citation)

A tobacco smoke filter element is disclosed which is designed to be accommodated in a cigarette, cigarette holder or the stem of a pipe and which is made of foamed, open cell nylon 6.The filter is made in rod form, has a skin of non-foamed nylon, a density of 1-5 pounds per cubic foot, a hardness of ...

David Dale Appleford, David Philip King: Apparatus for measuring specific gravity. Monsanto Chemicals, November 16, 1976: US03991619 (13 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for determining the specific gravity of a plurality of samples of solid water-insoluble materials which apparatus comprises a means for storing samples in spaced relationship, a means for weighing samples first in air and then in water, and a means for transferring samples, ...

Tripp Terence Gordon: Production of alkoxides. Monsanto Chemicals, May 1, 1973: US3730857 (13 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to the production of alkoxides by passing an electric current through a liquid medium comprising a solution of a monohydric alcohol and as a supporting electrolyte an ammonium or quaternary ammonium salt using an anode and passing the electric current through the medium until ...

Baxter Samuel, Gilbert John Harold: Fibrillated foamed textile products and method of making same. Monsanto Chemicals, Ross Jr J Bowen, Weinkauf Russell E, May 20, 1975: US3884030 (12 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic yarn is continuously produced from an extruded cellular foam material which has been oriented in the direction of extrusion by subjecting the oriented foamed material to forces which break down the cell walls to form a three-dimensional structure of interconnected fibre elements.