Arthur S Obermayer, Larry D Nichols: Vapor dispenser and method of making same. Moleculon Research Corporation, Richard P Crowley, November 2, 1982: US04356969 (72 worldwide citation)

A vapor dispenser which comprises a reservoir to contain a nonflowing liquid whose vapor is to be dispensed into the environment and an outer covering about the reservoir which includes a membrane vapor-emitting surface through which the vapor is dispensed from the reservoir to the environment.

Larry D Nichols: Controlled release materials and method of use. Moleculon Research Corporation, Richard P Crowley, October 12, 1976: US03985298 (50 worldwide citation)

A process for the controlled release of a substance which comprises impregnating a substance to be released into and within a cellulosic polymer-liquid composite material as a part of or all of the liquid phase, and the controlled release material as produced.

Nichols Larry D: Pattern forming puzzle and method with pieces rotatable in groups. Moleculon Research Corporation, April 11, 1972: US3655201 (47 worldwide citation)

Eight cube-type pieces are magnetically engaged to form a cube-type assembly with educational and entertaining features. The cubes are adapted to rotate in complementary sets of four about one of three mutually perpendicular axes. Each cube has colored surfaces and when properly arranged one distinc ...

Nichols Larry D: Process of preparing gelled cellulose triacetate products and the products produced thereby. Moleculon Research Corporation, Crowley Richard P, November 5, 1974: US3846404 (43 worldwide citation)

Unique gelled cellulose triacetate products, for example, in film or fiber form, prepared by: providing a solution of cellulose triacetate in an acidic nonhydrolyzing solvent; forming the solution into a desired product, such as film or fiber; contacting the product with a nonsolvent for cellulose t ...

Larry D Nichols: Cellulosic-liquid composite materials and process of preparing such materials. Moleculon Research Corporation, Richard P Crowley, June 14, 1977: US04029726 (14 worldwide citation)

Polymer-liquid composite materials, particularly of cellulosic polymers such as cellulose nitrate, are described, which materials are strong, transparent, ultramicroporous materials characterized by a diffusion-supporting liquid phase of about 70% or more liquid within an interpenetrating, form-rete ...

Hook Edwin O, Berbeco George R, Obermayer Arthur S: Method of treating cellulosic material with N-methylol phosphazene compounds and product obtained. Moleculon Research Corporation, Crowley Richard P, February 18, 1975: US3867186 (2 worldwide citation)

Phosphazene compounds containing N-methylol groups are prepared by reacting an amino phosphazene compound with formaldehyde in the presence of a base to provide a water-soluble N-methylol phosphazene compound. In particular, ansa and spiro-type ring N-methylol phosphazene compounds are prepared by r ...