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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide active forceps for endoscopic surgery which enables a doctor to make a delicate procedure from arbitrary directions within the celom and provides excellent operability.SOLUTION: The active forceps for endoscopic surgery consists of a treatment tool 4, an operative to ...

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A cerebral aneurysm clip used for clamping an intercerebral blood vessel during a surgical operation. The clip has a pair of opposite clamping blades or arms for clamping a blood vessel, semi-circular engagement portions integrally connected to the proximal ends of the clamping arms, and a resilient ...

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A prosthetic knee joint enabling high-angle flexion includes the following members (a)-(c).

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In a surgical operation table having an upper structure for supporting the body of a patient, separably supported by a lower structure on a part vertically movable relative to the remaining parts thereof and rotatable around the longitudinal and transverse axes of the table, a guiding device compris ...

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For the purpose of facilitating correction of front-to-back and lateral vertebra curvature in scoliosis and the like, vertebra screws are passed through vertebra plates with spikes that dig into the sides of vertebrae and are screwed into each vertebra. The vertebra screws have rod passage holes in ...

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This invention relates to a specimen handling device for collecting, storing, processing and dispensing of samples. The invention provides for the collection of specimens from any solid or semi-solid material, including biological samples, food samples, waste samples or soil samples.

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A surgery table utilizing first and second sections which are hingedly attached to one another. First and second sections are also connected to supports apart from the hinged portion. An elevator moves one of the sections upwardly and downwardly at the support. The resultant position of the frame fo ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To increase the use efficiency and the rate of collection of issued points.SOLUTION: A partner database 12 stores a sales conversion rate for converging the points issued from issuing organizations and a purchase conversion rate for converging reference points to the points iss ...

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A metal wire guide member consisting of two leg portions and a straight guide portion connecting the two leg portions is secured to a cerebral anurysm clip with clamping jaws which are opened and closed by operating resilient arms supporting the jaws, in such a manner that the leg portions are fixed ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a joint load reliever inspection device capable of easily evaluating the movability of a joint load reliever.SOLUTION: The hip joint load reliever 2 is attached astride to a hip joint 6 of a human skeleton model 3, and the movable range of the hip joint 6 is measured ...