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A wireless data input device requiring no cable for connection to the keyboard or to the pointing device. A wireless keyboard 16 incorporating a pointing device has a data encoder 21 and an RF transmitter 22, and transmits the key data and the pointing cursor data to the reception unit 3 which is co ...

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A peripheral device and method are provided for reliably updating and checking firmware or other coded information stored within a nonvolatile memory of the device. The device comprises a microcontroller and a memory with a fixed part and an updateable part. Both the fixed part and the updateable pa ...


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The present invention provides systems and methods for performing a firmware update. In one embodiment, a peripheral reset signal is masked in response to a peripheral firmware update command. The firmware update is loaded into a peripheral's nonvolatile memory while the reset signal is masked.

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An external storage device includes a power management system. The power management system comprises an energy storage circuit which stores energy from a power source and provides additional power to the external storage device. The external storage device further comprises a microcontroller which d ...

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A control adapter device for attaching to a control unit having an input control part is disclosed. The control adapter device includes a connector for electrically connecting the control adapter device to the control unit, a transmission part for transmitting, by wireless transmission, a signal tha ...

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An antenna unit for use in a navigation system includes a bottom cover and a unit case, a circuit board and an antenna main body are stored in the bottom cover, a cylindrical storage portion in the bottom cover is for storing the circuit board and the antenna main body therein, the cylindrical stora ...

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In a mouse having two click switches with buttons, a motion detector and an additional control switch mechanism for a function of scrolling are provided. The additional control switch mechanism includes a first, a second, and a third switch for producing an up-scroll signal, a down-scroll signal, an ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a relatively simple structure of a small size, capable of securely shielding an outside magnetic field or the like and locking a connector plug to a connector socket. SOLUTION: A small-sized connector comprises: a connector socket 2 having an insulating housing 6 inc ...

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A video game control adapter includes a reception adapter that attaches to a connector of a video game device that displays a game image on a video display; and a transmission adapter that transmits a control signal toward the reception adapter when a switch built into a toy to which the transmissio ...