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An insulating adhesive tape which comprises a base supporting film and an adhesive layer formed on at least one surface thereof, said adhesive layer being formed of a thermoplastic polymer comprising a thermoplastic polyimide, wherein said thermoplastic polymer has a glass transition temperature ran ...

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The present invention relates to a solid printed substrate to be used for mounting electronic parts and a method of manufacturing the same. A metal base substrate having a plurality of copper foil layers stacked thereon is employed placing a thermoplastic polyimide sheet between each copper foil. Th ...

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Single-stranded, linear polydeoxyribonucleotides with a base number of 10 to 100 containing at least one structure represented by the following general formula: 5'-Xn...X3X2X1Y1Y2Y3...Yn-3' (I> ( wherein n is an integer from 3 to 50; X1, X2, X3, ..., Xn and Y1, Y2, Y3, ..., Yn are each a monodeoxyri ...

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A process for polymerizing alpha -olefin by using a catalytic system prepared by bringing a reaction product of a halogenated metallocene compound with an organometallic compound into contact with a compound which forms a stable anion when reacted with the reaction product. A polyolefin can be obtai ...

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A self-hardenable material comprising a calcium phosphate having an atomic ratio of Ca/P of 1.4 to 1.6, a difficultly water-soluble inorganic fluoride, an organic or inorganic acid and water is provided. For example, when the hardenable material is frilled in the form of slurry or paste in a necessa ...

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A catheter equipped with a pressure sensor, which is composed of a fine insertion tube provided with the pressure sensor at the tip thereof and having sufficient stiffness to permit its insertion into and through a blood vessel and a fine and flexible guide tube connected to the fine insertion tube.

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A thin microcrystalline silicon semiconductor film suitable for use as an intrinsic semiconductor layer in an amorphous silicon solar cell or the like. The thin microcrystalline silicon semiconductor film comprises an amorphous phase with crystallites contained therein in the form of a prismatic or ...

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A circuit board for mounting one or more optical devices such as light receiving LSI chips and light emitting LSI chips. The circuit board has a flexible transparent substrate, a window portion which is formed as a slit-like transparent region of the transparent substrate, a plurality of electrodes ...

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The substituted thiophene derivative of the invention which is represented by the general formula (1) has a broad disease spectrum for a pathogenic fungus of various crops, exhibits an excellent controlling effect on disease such as gray mold, powdery mildew and rust in particular, and is also effec ...

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A formation process of an amorphous silicon film, which process comprises subjecting a higher silane containing at least two silicon atoms to photochemical decomposition under radiation of a light having a wavelength of 300 nm or shorter so as to cause amorphous silicon to deposit on a substrate.