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An electrode for a coulometric type of electrochemical detector, comprising a formed product of a porous, graphitic carbon having the following physical properties (1), (2) and (3):

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A catheter having a transducer that comprises an organic high polymer filmlike piezoelectric element or elements. The catheter has the capacity of converting, safely and with accurate wave shapes, pressure in the living body, for example blood pressure, pressure in a thorax, or intrauterine pressure ...

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A hair cosmetic composition containing a graft copolymer or an alternating block copolymer, each of which comprises a first unit containing a polysiloxane group and a second unit containing a polymer of unsaturated monomers is provided. The first and second units are linked by sulfide linkage. The h ...

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In a process for preparing a laminated resin product by melt-laminating (1) a modified polyolefin composition with (2) a polyester, a polyamide or a hydrolyzed copolymer of ethylenevinylacetate, the improvement comprising using as the modified polyolefin a modified polyolefin composition which compr ...


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A polymer suitable for use in hair care products comprising a copolymer comprising (a) a unit of a hydrophilic ethylenically unsaturated monomer such as dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate in a quantity of 15 to 99.9% by weight; (b) a unit of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer having a polysiloxane gr ...

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A copolymer of ethylene and a minor proportion of an .alpha.-olefin having 4 to 10 carbon atoms is characterized by having the properties

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A propylene copolymer composition enabling the production of a film having excellent low-temperature heat sealing ability and blocking resistance, is obtained by blending 1 to 70 wt% of a component A and 30 to 99 wt% of a component B. The component A comprises either a propylene homopolymer or a cop ...

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A process for producing an air-permeable film is described, comprising stretching in at least one direction a film made of a composition comprising 42 to 87 vol % of a polyolefin resin and 58 to 13 vol % of an inorganic filler and further containing an aliphatic alcohol/fatty acid ester of a fatty a ...

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A laminate film or sheet of crosslinked polyethylene resin has as an outer layer a resin layer comprising a copolymer of ethylene and an ethylenically unsaturated silane compound which has been crosslinked by the contact thereof with moisture and has a gel content of 5 percent or more, and possesses ...