Sasaki Shigeo Kanayama Jutaka: Fine polishing composition for wafers.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, June 20, 1990: EP0373501-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

A fine polishing compound for polishing a silicon wafer used as a substrate crystal in electrical integrated circuits, which comprises water, colloidal silica particles, a water-soluble polymeric compound, and a water-soluble salt.

Sawada Tsutomu, Ohashi Shinichi, Yoshida Shigenobu: Laminated film having gas barrier properties.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, April 12, 1989: EP0311432-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

A sheet comprises a thermoplastic film having a polar group and a thin silicon oxide layer formed on the one side of the thermoplastic film in which the bond energy of silicon in the silicon oxide layer varies along the direction of the thickness of the layer and becomes large in the vicinity of the ...


Sawada Tsutomu, Ohhasi Shinichi, Yoshida Sigenobu: Moistureproof film.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, June 13, 1990: EP0372489-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

There are provided two types of moistureproof films of a laminated structure. The first type of moistureproof film comprises a core layer (A) and a protective layer (B) joined to one side of the core layer, wherein: (a) the core layer (A) is composed of a transparent film of a polyvinyl alcohol havi ...

Sasaki Shigeo Mitsubishi Monsa: Abrasive composition for silicon wafer.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, June 6, 1990: EP0371147-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a composition for polishing silicon wafers to be used as supports of electric integrated circuits, which contains modified colloidal silica sol obtained by modifying part of silanol groups on the surface of silica particles of colloidal silica sol with trialkylsilane.



Sasaki Shigeo: Fine polishing composition for wafers.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, July 5, 1989: EP0322721-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

A fine polishing composition for wafers, comprising water, particulate amorphous silica and a polysaccharide polymer graft-polymerized with acrylamide alone or together with at least one vinyl monomer selected from the group consisting of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and styrenesulfonic acid, and ...

Okumura Tsuguo, Abe Kazuharu, Mori Kenji: Heat-shrinkable biaxially drawn polyamide film and process for preparaton thereof.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, October 14, 1987: EP0240632-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a heat-shrinkable biaxially drawn polyamide film which is formed from a homopolymer or copolymer of epsilon -caprolactam or a polyblend thereof, by a sequential biaxial drawing method and which has a density of 1.129 to 1.136 g/cm and an in-plane orientation index of 0.0535 to 0.0580. T ...

Sato Tadashige, Kobaschi Yasuji: Epitaxial wafer.. Mitsubishi Monsanto Chem, Mitsubishi Chem, May 24, 1989: EP0317228-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

An epitaxial wafer comprises a single crystalline substrate (1), a p type gallium aluminum arsenide mixed crystalline layer (2) and an n type gallium aluminum arsenide mixed crystalline layer (6) having an indirect transition type band structure. The p type gallium aluminum arsenide mixed crystallin ...