Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred Charles, Bero James, Short Robert, Johnson Paul R: Apparatus for and method of verifying etching of optical servo information on magnetic media.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, March 29, 1995: EP0645043-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for etching a point on the surface of a magnetic medium to reduce the reflectivity of the point and for verifying that proper etching occured. A light source (40) provides a collimated incident beam of light (42). The incident beam is focused to a point on the medium (57) and ...


Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Johnson Paul R, Bero James, Carter Jeff G, Candia Anthony M, Kieger George T, Hales Ronald F, Thomas Fred C Iii: A method of and apparatus for removing debris from the floptical medium.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, April 12, 1995: EP0647170-A1

A method and apparatus for removal of particulate waste materials or debris (10) from the floptical medium (1) after laser etching. A low temperature gas containing ice crystals (4) is applied at a predetermined angle while the floptical medium (1) is being rotated to improve the cleaning effect. Th ...


Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred Charles, Johnson Paul R: Pneumatic hub locking device for etching optical servo tracks on magnetic disks.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, June 7, 1995: EP0655960-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for etching optical servo tracks on a magnetic storage disk (11) comprises optics for generating a beam of light for etching the servo tracks and a spindle (15) for rotating the disk (11) in proximity to the optics. The device further comprises a center pin (16) at the center of rotatio ...

Improvements in or relating to drape sheets for surgical use. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, June 10, 1953: GB692578-A (470 worldwide citation)

692,578. Packages. MINNESOTA MINING & MANUFACTURING CO. Sept. 4, 1950 [Sept. 13, 1949], No. 21734/50. Class 94(i) [Also in Group VI] A surgical drape sheet (see Group VI) is folded and enclosed within an inner, wrapper contained in an outer sealed envelope. As shown in Fig. ,1 an outer wrapper A has ...

Solyntjes Alan J, Eyerly Robert M, Plyley Alan K: Surgical stapler with spent cartridge sensing and lockout means.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, November 19, 1992: EP0514139-A2 (229 worldwide citation)

A stapler is disclosed that includes a mechanism for sensing (80) whether the stapler is loaded with a fired cartridge housing and for preventing the stapler from being closed or fired when loaded with the fired cartridge. The mechanism also prevents the stapler from firing or clamping on tissue whe ...

Torgerson Peter Marte, Bolich Raymond Edward Jr, Garbe James Edward: Hair conditioning and styling compositions.. Procter & Gamble, Minnesota Mining & Mfg, February 13, 1991: EP0412707-A1 (125 worldwide citation)

Hair care compositions which provide improved styling and hair conditioning properties are disclosed. These compositions comprise from about 0.1% to about 10.0% of a specifically-defined silicone copolymer and from about 0.5% to about 99.5% of a carrier suitable for application to hair.

Heinecke Steven B: Medical device for covering a portion of the anatomical surfaces of a living being.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, May 19, 1982: EP0051935-A2 (111 worldwide citation)

A pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated relatively thin, conformable polymeric film with a releasable layer attached to the surface of the film opposite to that containing the adhesive, which layer is attached in a more tenacious manner than a release liner covering the adhesive of the film.

Molded head harness.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, August 3, 1994: EP0608684-A1 (103 worldwide citation)

An insert-molded head harness (30) for use in securing a respirator mask (10) to the face of a wearer, wherein the head harness comprises a web (32) having a central portion (38) and a peripheral portion (40) extending at least partially around the central portion, and a plurality of elastomeric fas ...