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Tetrahydroisohumulones are prepared from beta-acids without using objectionable organic solvents by treating the beta-acids to form desoxytetrahydrohumulones which are dissolved in an aqueous alcoholic caustic solution and then oxidized and isomerized with an oxygen-containing gas in the presence of ...

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Oral care compositions containing hop acids or their salts are effective in inhibiting Gram positive bacteria which can cause plaque or periodontal disease. A representative composition is a toothpaste containing tetrahydroisohumulone.

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A method of preparing anactinic hop extracts comprising three stages: pre-purification of a liquid CO.sub.2 hop extract using liquid-liquid extraction to isolate pure humulones or alpha acids; isomerization/reduction of the humulones to obtain a mixture consisting of reduced isohumulones and non-iso ...

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Carbon dioxide is used as a reaction solvent in the hydrogenation of organic compounds. The carbon dioxide is preferably a liquid or a supercritical fluid. The hydrogenation method can be used advantageously in methods for making tetrahydroiso-alpha-acids from alpha-acids, iso-alpha-acids, or beta-a ...

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Hop extract in, e.g., hexane, pre-isomerized, optionally pre-reduced, is extracted with aqueous KOH to give potassium isohumulate of 80%+ and preferably 90%+ purity. The hexane phase containing the remainder of the isohumulones is stripped of solvent and is suitable for kettle addition. In order to ...

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The over-pasteurization of a product in a tunnel pasteurizer can result when the normal movement of the product through the pasteurizer is delayed. Over-pasteurization is prevented by cooling the product in the pasteurizing zone to reduce its temperature to a temperature at which no appreciable past ...

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Beta-acids are separated from alpha-acids in a hop extract without using organic solvents by bubbling CO.sub.2 through an aqueous hop extract having a pH of about 9.6 to about 13 to lower the pH to about 8.5 to about 9.5 to precipitate the beta-acids and leave the alpha-acids in the extract.

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A product for human consumption containing protein and having a high dietary fiber content and a low phytic acid content is produced by drying brewer's spent grain, milling the dried brewer's spent grain to obtain a ground product having particle sizes ranging from about 600 microns down to about 50 ...

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An insulating sleeve for a beverage pitcher is disclosed. The sleeve is a flexible jacket capable of surrounding the pitcher while allowing the pitcher handle to extend out through the side. The jacket also has an open top to permit the pitcher's pour spout to extend out of the top, and an open bott ...

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Hulls are removed from brewer's spent grain (BSG) by drying and milling the BSG in a roller mill having a differential of about 2.5 to about 4.0 and a tight setting, followed by passing the milled mixture through a No. 36 light wire sieve which retains the hulls and permits the bran to pass through. ...