John M Cowles, Henry Goldstein, Etzer Chicoye, Patrick L Ting: Preparation of tetrahydroisohumulones. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, February 17, 1987: US04644084 (54 worldwide citation)

Tetrahydroisohumulones are prepared from beta-acids without using objectionable organic solvents by treating the beta-acids to form desoxytetrahydrohumulones which are dissolved in an aqueous alcoholic caustic solution and then oxidized and isomerized with an oxygen-containing gas in the presence of ...

Henry Goldstein, Patrick L Ting, Etzer Chicove, Gary Goetzke, John M Cowles: Light stable hop extracts and method of preparation. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, August 30, 1988: US04767640 (49 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing anactinic hop extracts comprising three stages: pre-purification of a liquid CO.sub.2 hop extract using liquid-liquid extraction to isolate pure humulones or alpha acids; isomerization/reduction of the humulones to obtain a mixture consisting of reduced isohumulones and non-iso ...

Michael C Barney, Edward J Kot, Etzer Chicoye, Janna K Jilek: Oral care compositions containing hop acids and method. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, December 6, 1994: US05370863 (47 worldwide citation)

Oral care compositions containing hop acids or their salts are effective in inhibiting Gram positive bacteria which can cause plaque or periodontal disease. A representative composition is a toothpaste containing tetrahydroisohumulone.

Patrick L Ting, Jay R Refling, Henry Goldstein: Hydrogenation of hop soft resins using CO.sub.2. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, February 1, 2000: US06020019 (43 worldwide citation)

Carbon dioxide is used as a reaction solvent in the hydrogenation of organic compounds. The carbon dioxide is preferably a liquid or a supercritical fluid. The hydrogenation method can be used advantageously in methods for making tetrahydroiso-alpha-acids from alpha-acids, iso-alpha-acids, or beta-a ...

Donald H Westermann, Etzer Chicoye, Darrell R Hoffmann: Hop extract process and product. Miller Brewing Company, June 22, 1976: US03965188 (37 worldwide citation)

Hop extract in, e.g., hexane, pre-isomerized, optionally pre-reduced, is extracted with aqueous KOH to give potassium isohumulate of 80%+ and preferably 90%+ purity. The hexane phase containing the remainder of the isohumulones is stripped of solvent and is suitable for kettle addition. In order to ...

John M Cowles, Henry Goldstein, Etzer Chicoye, Patrick L Ting: Process for separation of beta-acids from extract containing alpha-acids and beta-acids. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, May 20, 1986: US04590296 (27 worldwide citation)

Beta-acids are separated from alpha-acids in a hop extract without using organic solvents by bubbling CO.sub.2 through an aqueous hop extract having a pH of about 9.6 to about 13 to lower the pH to about 8.5 to about 9.5 to precipitate the beta-acids and leave the alpha-acids in the extract.

Kenneth W Becker, Louis G Friedrichs Jr, Lev Kropp, Richard B Straka: Pasteurization apparatus. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, April 10, 1984: US04441406 (27 worldwide citation)

The over-pasteurization of a product in a tunnel pasteurizer can result when the normal movement of the product through the pasteurizer is delayed. Over-pasteurization is prevented by cooling the product in the pasteurizing zone to reduce its temperature to a temperature at which no appreciable past ...

Vinod K Chaudhary: High dietary fiber product. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, July 27, 1982: US04341805 (26 worldwide citation)

A product for human consumption containing protein and having a high dietary fiber content and a low phytic acid content is produced by drying brewer's spent grain, milling the dried brewer's spent grain to obtain a ground product having particle sizes ranging from about 600 microns down to about 50 ...

Patrick C Dreese, R Carl Hoseney: Method of removing hulls from brewers spent grain. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, March 22, 1983: US04377601 (23 worldwide citation)

Hulls are removed from brewer's spent grain (BSG) by drying and milling the BSG in a roller mill having a differential of about 2.5 to about 4.0 and a tight setting, followed by passing the milled mixture through a No. 36 light wire sieve which retains the hulls and permits the bran to pass through. ...

Henry Goldstein, Charles L Cronan, Etzer Chicoye: Preparation of low alcohol beverages by reverse osmosis. Miller Brewing Company, Quarles & Brady, September 16, 1986: US04612196 (22 worldwide citation)

A traditional flavored fermented alcoholic beverage of low alcohol content is prepared by reverse osmosis with a thin layer composite membrane which has a support layer of polysulfone, a barrier layer of polymer prepared from a polyamine and a polyacyl, and a fiber backing. The membrane has a molecu ...

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