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An antenna system for producing from a fixed array of active antenna elements which are each omnidirectional in a plane, a sensitivity pattern that is directional in said plane and which pattern can be rotated around the array. The system consists of at least three antenna elements located at the co ...

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The microwave system is employed for the detection of cancerous tumors and is particularly effective in the early detection of such tumors. The system is of the dual type, combining in a single unit a passive radiometer with an active microwave transmitter. The sensitive passive microwave radiometer ...

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Metal-silicide-silicon Schottky barrier diodes are made by a process which yields the characteristic of low barrier height, in the region of 0.15 volt, suitable for use without dc bias as a detector at microwave frequencies. Low barrier height metals, such as palladium, platinum and hafnium are proc ...

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A digital information signal modulating system is disclosed which increases the carrying capacity of a given designator band by approximately 2. The disclosure illustrates how a quadrature phase-shift keyed system having four signal states can be converted to a system having nine signal states.

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This invention relates to microwave networks in which radio frequency energy from a multiplicity of sources may be combined into a single transmission line when these sources are of the same frequency and have the same phase. A significant feature of the invention is that energy will be absorbed whe ...

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A tunable microwave phase equalizer primarily for use in satellite communication systems is disclosed comprising in combination a circulator and a two-knob tunable microwave cavity wherein one knob adjusts the resonant frequency, and the other knob adjusts the coupling. By means of the frequency adj ...

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The disclosure describes an isolator for detachable installation in a rectangular waveguide transmission line, realized in a three-port waveguide junction circulator having a matched-impedance termination at one port. The circulator is in a rigid section of rectangular waveguide dimensioned to fit c ...

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A microwave iris directional coupler on microstrip having high directivity is disclosed. The device is primarily for use in single ground plane microstrip transmission lines of the type commonly used for microwave hybrid integrated circuits. It has an iris between two lines separated by a common gro ...

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A novel microwave transmission line is described, in which a conductor strip is supported on one side of a high-dielectric substrate body, the other side of which is not backed by a ground-plane conductor. The side of the dielectric body with the conductor strip is faced toward and spaced a distance ...

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An FM heterodyne transmitter is disclosed useful, for example, in a microwave relay link, using all solid-state components throughout. The transmitter includes an RF amplifier which generates locally a signal having the same frequency as the signal carrier and a phase comparator which accepts both t ...