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An apparatus and method of rerouting redistribution lines from an active surface of a semiconductor substrate to a back surface thereof and assembling and packaging individual and multiple semiconductor dice with such rerouted redistribution lines formed thereon. The semiconductor substrate includes ...

Kristy A Campbell: Method of forming a variable resistance memory device comprising tin selenide. MicronTechnology, Dickstein Shapiro, July 6, 2010: US07749853 (8 worldwide citation)

A memory device, such as a PCRAM, including a chalcogenide glass backbone material with germanium telluride glass and methods of forming such a memory device.

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A socket that secures bare and minimally packaged semiconductor devices substantially perpendicularly relative to a carrier substrate. The socket includes intermediate conductive elements and a member which moves the intermediate conductive elements between an insertion position and a biased positio ...

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An apparatus is provided that increases the efficiency of material handling apparatus, such as those used to trim and form electrical leads on solid state electrical devices. The apparatus includes a plurality of rotatable pulleys, an endless belt capable of retaining devices to be processed that is ...

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A device is disclosed which includes an interposer, at least one capacitor formed at least partially within an opening formed in the interposer and an integrated circuit that is operatively coupled to the interposer. A method is disclosed which includes obtaining an interposer having at least one ca ...

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Subject matter disclosed herein relates to memory management, and more particularly to partitioning a memory based on memory attributes.

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Embodiments disclosed herein may relate to electrically conductive vias in cross-point memory array devices. In an embodiment, the vias may be formed using a lithographic operation also utilized to form electrically conductive lines in a first electrode layer of the cross-point memory array device.

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The invention relates to methods and apparatus that allow data to be stored in a magnetic memory cell, such as a giant magneto-resistance (GMR) cell, of a magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM). Embodiments of the invention advantageously wind a word line around a magnetic memory cell to incre ...

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A DRAM architecture configures memory cells into a predetermined number of arrays. Each array has its own row decoders and sense amplifiers. A data path circuit containing local drivers and data read and write lines is associated with each of the arrays in a first direction. The respective connectio ...

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PURPOSE: A method and apparatus for programming anti-fuses with a sufficiently high voltage is provided for a consistently low resistance of the programmed anti-fuse without overstressing other components of the integrated circuit. CONSTITUTION: A programming circuit for an anti-fuse utilizes a boot ...