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An interlace-to-progressive scan conversion system comprises: a spatial line averaging prefilter; a motion estimator; a three-stage adaptive recursive filter. The motion estimator comprises: a 3-D recursive search sub-component having a bilinear interpolator; a motion correction sub-component having ...

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A grid of capacitor surfaces is connected to read lines and control lines. The read lines are connected alternately to the output of a feedback operational amplifier and to a collecting capacitor. The capacitances to be measured are charged repeatedly and the charges are collected on the collecting ...


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A specimen slide (1) for a microscope, camera or other such observation device has a receiving area (2) for cell or tissue samples or other such organic material and a smaller observation area (3) for the organic material. The specimen slide (1) at least in the observation area is made of transparen ...

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A system and method embed an audio signature in a video frame. An audio signature is generated from one bit a buffer input data. Two registers store an audio signature and reference count. According to an embodiment, the audio signature is generated left/right (L/R) interleaved with the left channel ...

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An integrated circuit for decoding an analog audio signal includes a tuner that receives the analog audio signal and provides a sound intercarrier frequency signal. A digital demodulator receives and digitizes the sound intercarrier frequency signal to provide a digitized sound intercarrier frequenc ...