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Superconducting-semiconducting hybrid memories are disclosed. These superconducting-semiconducting hybrid memories utilize semiconductor circuits to store information, and either superconducting or semiconducting or combinations of superconducting and semiconducting circuits, with at least some supe ...

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A substrate for attaching electrical devices having an interconnect wiring structure and a support for the interconnect, the support having a number of vias, or throughholes, extending therethrough and electrically connected to the interconnect. The substrate allows for attachment of the electrical ...

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Improved method and solutions for copper direct writing, particularly laser-induced direct writing, involving copper formate precursor solutions that contain a crystallization-inhibiting agent. The agent is selected from glycerol, citric acid, malic acid, malonic acid and glycine.

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A scalable visualization system includes a plurality of scalable tiles (10) that each comprise a display portion (18) and a processing portion (20). Each of the display portions (18) define a portion of a physical display space. Each of the processing sections defines a processing node in the parall ...

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A neural network content-addressable error-correcting memory system is disclosed including a plurality of hidden and visible processing units interconnected via a linear interconnection matrix. The network is symmetric and all self-connections are not present. All connections between processing unit ...

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A hybrid superconducting-semiconducting field effect transistor-like circuit element comprised of a superconducting field effect transistor and a closely associated cryogenic semiconductor inverter for providing signal gain is described. The hybrid circuit functions as a nearly ideal pass gate in cr ...

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An improved method for preparing high temperature Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductive films utilizing spray pyrolysis. The method can further include an additional annealing step to improve the electrical transport properties.