Ta Good, Zhu Xiaoxun, Dm Wilz: Automatic system and method for identifying and measuring packages transported through laser scanning tunnel. Metrologic Instrument, xu tai, July 4, 2001: CN99806561

A fully automated package identification and measuring system, in which omni-directional laser scanning systems are used to read bar codes on packages entering the tunnel, while a package dimensioning subsystem (600) is used to capture information about the package prior to entry into the tunnel. Ma ...

Shane Michael Edmonds, Sean Philip Keaney: Hybrid-type bioptical laser scanning and digital imaging system supporting automatic object motion detection at the edges of a 3d scanning volume. Metrologic Instrument, December 20, 2012: US20120318869-A1

A hybrid-type bi-optical bar code symbol reading system having a vertical housing section with a vertical scanning window, and a horizontal housing section with a horizontal scanning window, from which laser scanning planes are projected and intersect within a 3D scanning volume defined between the ...