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Carbonaceous material, preferably coal or like finely divided solids with a mean particle diameter of 30 to 250 microns, is burned to produce steam in a fluid-bed furnace having a lower free space without internal fixtures and provided above this free space with internal cooling surfaces. A secondar ...

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A method of and apparatus for carrying out an exothermic process in which a combustible-containing solid (e.g. coal shale, pyrite or limestone in combination with fuel oil) are burned in a fluidized-bed reactor with primary and secondary streams of oxygen-containing combustion-sustaining gas (in a v ...

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In a process of operating an open-cycle gas turbine plant supplied with gaseous fuels and combustion air, wherein the gas turbine is immediately supplied with the gases departing from the combustion chamber and the gaseous fuels and/or the combustion air are enriched with water vapor lowering the te ...

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Monohydric and polyhydric phenols are removed from waste water together with hydrogen sulfide, free and combined ammonia, by extraction and distillation. The waste water is formed during the degasification or gasification of coal and is subsequently subjected to biological purification.

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The apparatus for dedusting a gas by electrostatic precipitation includes an advantageously steel housing and a plurality of discharge electrodes and collecting electrodes arranged in the housing. Each of the electrodes is made of a ceramic material and has an electrically conducting layer on at lea ...

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In a process of simultaneously producing fuel gas and process heat from carbonaceous materials wherein the carbonaceous materials are gasified in a first fluidized bed stage and the combustible constituents left after the gasification are subsequently burnt in a second fluidized bed stage the throug ...

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A tube-type electrostatic precipitator in which the interior of a tube is provided with a film of conductive liquid to which the particles are attracted and which surrounds a corona discharge electrode. The outside of the tube is provided with fiberglass-reinforced synthetic-resin bands while the in ...

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A process for desulfurization of fuel or synthesis gases containing carbon oxysulfide wherein the carbon oxysulfide is hydrolyzed by treating the gas at a temperature of 50.degree. to 105.degree.C with a low-volatility organic solvent inert to the carbon oxysulfide and containing 15 to 50 mole-perce ...

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Dissolved organic compounds in waste water resulting from coal degassing or gasification processes are removed by extraction with a solvent which is substantially water-immiscible, the solvent residues in the waste water are removed by inert gas scrubbing, and CO.sub.2, H.sub.2 S and NH.sub.3 in the ...

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The invention relates to the novel lithium bisoxalatoborate compound, and to a method for producing this compound, on the basis of a lithium compound, an oxalic acid or an oxalate, and a boron compound. The invention also relates to another production method on the basis of lithium boron hydride and ...