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A RISC architecture computer configured for emulating the instruction set of a target computer to execute software written for the target computer, e.g., an Intel 80X86, a Motorola 680X0 or a MIPS R3000. The apparatus is integrated with a core RISC computer to form a RISC computer that executes an e ...

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A transmission system develops a binary encoded data train having a message and a header preceding the message. The data train is applied to a carrier frequency to modulate the carrier using FSK techniques. The header includes synch signals, one or more address signals, a message length signal and c ...

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The invention provides a system and method for facilitating speech transcription which accepts continuous speech from any of a variety of conventional devices capable of converting spoken words to electromagnetic signals, including microphones or telephones and, if the input signal is analog, conver ...

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Embodiments of crossbar devices constructed with Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) switches are disclosed herein. A crossbar device may comprise m input terminals, n output terminals, n control lines and m×n MEMS switches coupled to the n control lines to selectively couple the m input termina ...

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Embodiments provide input/output devices having programmable logic that is programmable to operate input/output devices in one of two drive modes. In various embodiments, to operate an input/output device in a first drive mode, logic circuitry is programmable to couple a reference voltage to a gate ...

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Circuit for the generation of two symmetrical buses of tension with respect to the negative of the feeding tension, comprising supply means able to supply a power step-up circuit comprising an inductor, a switch, a diode and a condenser, an LC filter being arranged in cascade to said power step-up c ...

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Embodiments of the present disclosure provide methods and integrate circuits with dynamic phase alignment between an input data signal and a clock signal. In some embodiments, a sampling window of the input data signal may be determined and timing of the input data signal may be adjusted to enable t ...

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Memory employing a plurality of five-transistor memory bit cells in a memory matrix and a power supply control circuit that is configured to provide a simultaneous full clear to all of the memory bit cells is described herein.

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The acoustic signaling system for electric, hybrid vehicles or the like, which can be installed on an electric vehicle or the like, includes: an amplifier device of a piloting signal; an electroacoustic transducer device operatively connected to the amplifier device; a supervision unit operatively c ...