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A laser with a light frequency transducer (typically of the frequency doubler type) within a lser cavity. The cavity is mirrored to reflect light at the lased frequency and to transmit light from the cavity at the transduced frequency. The laser is provided with a convex lens at its end adjacent the ...

Samuel Ron: Ophthalmological instrument for producing dichoptic stimuli on a visual display terminal. Medoptics, Leonard Bloom, June 25, 1996: US05530492 (7 worldwide citation)

A method and system for presenting two successive images on a video display unit as a dichoptic stimulus of substantially equal intensity, wherein a first image is displayed at a predetermined intensity so as to be seen by a first eye of an observer only, an optical shutter being used to prevent the ...

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991,534. Protective spectacles. MEDOPTICS Inc. May 22, 1963 [May 24, 1962], No. 20350/63. Heading G2J. An eye protector comprises a spectacle frame with an eye piece 2 having an annular lip on its rear surface which engages a corrective lens 12. Eyepiece 2 may be coloured and/or infra-red and ultra ...