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A communication apparatus is provided. A first subscriber identity card is with a first address and camps on a first cell. A second subscriber identity card is with a second address and camps on a second cell. A processor determines whether a first communication status of the first subscriber identi ...

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An audio signal processing apparatus and an audio signal processing method are provide. The audio signal processing apparatus comprises: a plurality of individual audio interfaces, an audio signal processing unit, and an audio channel splitting unit. The audio signal processing unit is utilized for ...

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A DC-coupled audio out unit is provided, including at least one regulator and at least one audio amplifier. The regulator is coupled to at least one power terminal of the audio amplifier.

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An apparatus and method for video data processing in digital video decoding, such as digital video disk (DVD) decoding, which produces new video data according to main picture data, sub-picture unit (SPU) data, and an aspect ratio. The apparatus includes a sub-picture-unit-decoding and color-determi ...

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A post processing de-blocking filter includes a threshold determination unit for adaptively determining a plurality of threshold values according to at least differences in quantization parameters QPs of a plurality of adjacent blocks in a received video stream and to a user defined offset (UDO) all ...

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A read channel apparatus is disclosed for reading data recorded on an optical storage system at a predetermined baud rate. The apparatus asynchronously samples an analog read signal generating from the optical storage system and subtracts an estimated DC offset from the asynchronous sample values to ...

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Data read out from a mass storage unit are provided as a serial data stream in parallel to both a buffer memory and an error detection circuit. The read out data are stored within the buffer memory. At the same time, the error detection circuit performs an error detection operation on the serial dat ...

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An electrically programmable fuse (e-fuse) apparatus includes an e-fuse macro and a switch device. The e-fuse macro is disposed in an integrated circuit, and has a plurality of e-fuse units. The switch device is disposed in the integrated circuit, and has an output node coupled to the e-fuse units a ...

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An M-way coupler having a first port, M second ports, M transmission line sections, M isolation resistors and a phase shifting network is disclosed, where M is an integer number greater than 1. The M transmission line sections couple the first port to the M second ports, respectively. Each of the M ...

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An OFDM receiver is provided. The OFDM receiver comprises a Fourier transform (FFT) module, a storage device, an equalizer, and a diversity combiner module. The Fourier transform module transforms a time-domain symbol into an OFDM symbol. The storage device stores OFDM symbols. When operated in a si ...