William D Arthur III: Infusion pump with bar code input to computer. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, December 18, 1990: US04978335 (356 worldwide citation)

An infusion pump has a housing for receipt of a syringe, a motor to drive the plunger of the syringe to expel a medicant within the syringe, a computer for controlling the motor and a place to mount the syringe. A bar code reader is mounted adjacent the syringe and the syringe has a pharmacist-appli ...

Thomas P Frank, Charles R Patzer: Needleless connector sample site. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, April 20, 1993: US05203775 (232 worldwide citation)

A sample site having a needleless connector access port including a flush mounted valve assembly which is readily accessible for wiping clean with a disinfectant. A male Luer connector may be operatively connected into the access port by a split Luer arrangement of female Luer connector portions adj ...

Kent B Vedder: Plastic needleless valve housing for standard male luer locks. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, August 15, 1995: US05441487 (189 worldwide citation)

A needleless site (10) includes a slit septum valve (12) held in a plastic housing (20) having a thin-walled cylinder (70) sized to fit inside the lock nut (64) of an ISO male luer lock (54) and a wedging member such as tapered threads (72) to strengthen the cylinder (70) and wedge within lock nut ( ...

Dennis M Bialecki, John F Wuschner, Mark R Hillstrand: Safety catheter. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, November 25, 2003: US06652486 (181 worldwide citation)

A catheter and introducer needle assembly having a needle attached to a needle hub, and a enlarged area disposed thereon, and a tubular catheter wherein the introducer needle being coaxially received within the catheter. The device has a hollow catheter hub attached to the catheter and in fluid comm ...

Charles R Patzer: Anti-reflux valve with environmental barrier. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans P L L, November 26, 1996: US05578059 (160 worldwide citation)

A medical site (10) includes a slit septum environmental barrier (12) held across the inlet opening (76) of housing (16). Site (10) includes a disc anti-reflux valve (14) below the inlet (76) of housing (16).

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A needleless valve (16), which may be housed in a plastic housing (12), has a web (18) provided with a slit (20) for blunt cannula access therethrough. The web (18) is provided with a lubricious coating (22) on at least a portion thereof, the coating (22) being polymeric and covalently bonded to the ...

Mark G Gordon: Whole blood sample needleless sample site. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, May 23, 1995: US05417673 (113 worldwide citation)

A whole blood sample needleless sample site includes a flow diverter between the ports and below the seal member to divert fluid away from the normal flow path between the ports and up towards the underside of the seal member to thereby flush same.

J Scott Strachan: Piezoelectric apparatus for measuring bodily fluid pressure within a conduit. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, July 15, 1986: US04600855 (100 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for measuring pressure within a conduit is disclosed preferably comprising a tube whose resonant frequency varies with the pressure of fluid within the tube; means for passing the fluid to be measured through the tube; two active piezoelectric films disposed in intimate contact with the ...

Warren B Nicholson, Glenn D Brunner: Sample site with flow directors. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, June 22, 1993: US05221271 (82 worldwide citation)

A sample site for obtaining a whole blood sample includes flow directors in the ports. The flow directors may include ramp surfaces. Blood flowing into the sample site is diverted by the flow directors to mix with and flush out all of the saline otherwise present in the sample site to allow for a wh ...

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A fast flush catheter valve is disclosed having a valve body with a longitudinal bore therethrough for the flow of fluids through the valve. A tube is mounted substantially transverse to the longitudinal bore to substantially block the longitudinal bore. An actuating member is mounted through the ex ...