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A screw-cap type container comprises a container or bottle having a screw thread and an annular flange formed on a neck thereof. The flange is discontinuous to define a locking slot between its opposite ends. A closure cap has an internal screw thread for engaging the screw thread of the container t ...

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A pacemaker pulse generator for providing impulses to stimulate living tissue by means of an electrode at the distal end of a conductive catheter. The catheter is coupled to the pacemaker by means of a connector having engaging surfaces formed by a number of helically-extending, tensioned metal stra ...

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A system for encoding and transmitting commands to effect modifications in the operating characteristics of an implanted pacer. A preferred embodiment of the system further comprises detection and display stages for use in monitoring pacer operation.

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A redundant power supply for a body organ stimulating device having at least two parallel branches. Circuit means are provided which are operatively connected to the output terminals of the power supply and to each parallel branch thereof and are responsive to the voltage across the output terminals ...

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A power source for a cardiac pacer operative in first and second states to provide respectively redundant battery power to said pacer and series connected battery power to said pacer. The alternative power source states permit accurate evaluation of battery conditions and provide altered cardiac pac ...

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A self-contained, implantable cardiac-autopacer providing ultra long battery life and high reliability through parallel battery redundancy and circuit techniques. The cardiac-autopacer operates in a demand mode with a variable simulated refractory period which is long during artificial stimulation a ...

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L'invention concerne un stimulateur implantable avec des caractéristiques variables sélectivement. Il comporte un dispositif de réception et de traitement de données comprenant une mémoire dont le contenu représente les données précédemment reçues. Un émetteur est également prévu pour émettre des si ...

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L'invention concerne un stimulateur avec une mémoire émettant des signaux dont l'état détermine ses paramètres de fonctionnement. Un générateur émet des signaux comprenant un nombre invariable de bits qui sont décodés à l'intérieur du stimulateur et introduits dans ladite mémoire pour modifier un ou ...

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A method of adaptively operating a medical triage system includes triaging a plurality of persons using a set of triage questions to select particular dispositions from a plurality of triage disposition. Triage-related data is acquired as a result of the triaging of the plurality of persons. The tri ...

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A method of determining a medical triage disposition for a person includes providing to a triage operator through a graphical user interface (GUI) of the computer: (i) a plurality of triage categories each including yes/no questions grouped into tiers that are ranked according to urgency and corresp ...