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In an automated prescription dispensing and packing system, empty prescription bottles are labeled and loaded in assigned locations in carriers. Pills are automatically dispensed into the prescription bottles in the carriers. Ranks of carriers containing filled prescription bottles are assembled at ...

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In a drug labeling and prescription filing system, a multiplicity of files of data are maintained, each file of data representing in color a graphic illustration of a different prescription drug. When a prescription drug is filled, the corresponding file of data is automatically selected and used to ...

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An interactive computer assisted method reviews, and analyzes, a patient who needs one or more medications using a computer and a user associated therewith. The method includes the steps of pre-selecting patients to obtain a preliminary set of patients eligible for the interactive computer assisted ...

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A noninvasive head fixation method and apparatus uses a flexible and compressible bladder which contacts and is deformed to conform to the shape of the patient's nasion in order to immobilize the patient's head during a medical procedure.

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In an automated prescription pill dispensing system, a multiplicity of pill dispensers are provided each operable to count out and dispense pills from supply hoppers. The dispensers are controlled by a computer which selects up to five of the dispensers to operate and control the selected pill dispe ...

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A software-based, integrated member decision support system provides a method for corporations, insurance carriers, health maintenance organizations, physicians, physician groups, or other clients to efficiently provide medical, pharmaceutical, and health benefit advice and information for an enroll ...

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A duplex electro-ultrasonic medical therapy apparatus comprising a pair of ultrasound generators connected to a common power source and keyed by a duplex keyer circuit, the output of which is connected to a transducer which converts the electrical oscillations into mechanical vibrations for applicat ...

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In an automatic prescription dispensing system, a multiplicity of pill dispensers dispensing the pills of different prescriptions are arranged in columns and rows. A conveyer organizes open and labeled pill bottles in columns corresponding to the columns of the pill dispensers and carries the column ...

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Computer assisted systems, methods and mediums for filling one or more orders. One embodiment of the present invention is a system that includes an order consolidation station configured to receive at least one bottle containing pills individually counted and/or at least one package containing pharm ...

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The parenteral use of adenosine, functional adenosine receptor agonists which include 1-methyl-2-phenylethyladenosine, 5-ethyl carboxamide adenosine, cyclopentyl adenosine and 2-chloro adenosine; metabolic precursors or by-products of adenosine which include adenine and inosine; and phosphorylated d ...