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An expandable display including a central member and two end pieces, the central member including fingers extending laterally from each side, the end pieces each having fingers extending laterally towards the central member, the fingers of the end pieces slidingly engaging the fingers of the central ...

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A retail display system and related methods. A plastic strut is unitarily-formed with and depends from a header. The strut has a vertical array of engagement features. A plurality of product-holding elements are each engaged to an associated feature of the engagement features to secure the elements ...

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A bottle glorifier may be mounted on the interior surface of a glass refrigerator case door. A body holds a side-to-side array of exemplary containers. A separate adapter accommodates particular sizes or combinations of sizes of containers for a given body.

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A display system includes a reusable basic unit into which a product-carrying tray may be inserted to display/dispense such product. The trays are replaceable as the product is expended. The basic unit advantageously includes portions for removably accommodating graphics so that, for various promoti ...

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The method of making a roller shelf for the display and dispensing of wares which includes molding a plurality of groups of molded parallel axles and rollers as a unit and with a common mold runner, the groups each having the same number of axles, providing a pair of side rails having opposed comple ...

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An illuminated picture display having a surrounding scintilating show of lights, including a housing holding a front half-silvered mirror and a rear mirror, the mirrors being proximate to one another and at a small angle to one another, congruent openings in the mirrors to receive a transparency for ...

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A package merchandiser providing for front and rear stacks of packages resting on a common sloping surface, with a rotating gate positioned between the two stacks to prevent the rear stack to slide to the position of the front stack while packages remain in the front stack. The rotating gate release ...

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A device for displaying and dispensing articles above a horizontal surface includes a turntable for engaging the surface and supporting the device. A base is held above the turntable for rotation about a central vertical axis. A top is held above the base. A stack of article-holding tiers is positio ...

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A gauge is provided for positioning divider walls in a beverage glide and has an origin indicia and a plurality of text indicia associated with different beverage container sizes.

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A display formed of two colorless, transparent plastic cylinders mounted concentrically with a vertical axis upon a base. The space between the two cylinders forms a tank which is filled with liquid and some plastic snowflakes having a slightly greater specific gravity than the liquid. An object to ...