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In accordance with preferred embodiments of the invention, a method and corresponding apparatus is provided for deducing the location (342, 344) of one or more items or objects (326) to be monitored. In exemplary embodiments, the method and corresponding apparatus is implemented in RFID (radio frequ ...

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A unit dose package formed from the combination of a flexible portion, preferably of paperboard, which houses unit dose materials, and a rigid molded plastic locking mechanism comprising a child resistant trigger release mechanism.

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A dual sprayer has an externally mounted mixing manifold for intimately commingling disparate liquids sprayed during pumping and issuing through a nozzle as a complete admixture of dual liquids.

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A locking container has a tray with sidewalls, a shelf and a bottom with an elongated opening. A sliding lock and a spring are formed in the bottom opening. A lock flap is hinged to the shelf. A cover has a base glued to the tray bottom, a spine end and a top panel. A latch extension extends form th ...

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A plurality of product dispensing frames, each having a left side wall, a right side wall, a front end, and a rear end, and including an upper support deck extending between the front end and the rear end, a lower support deck positioned below the upper support deck, the lower support deck extending ...

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The present invention relates to bituminous compositions suitable for use in paving applications containing water-in-oil bitumen dispersion of paving grade bitumen such as penetration-graded, viscosity-graded and/or penetration-graded varieties that is substantially free of volatile solvents and mad ...

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A packaging substrate is formed that has at least the following elements. A main panel with at least one gate formed on the main panel to assist with removing contents from a package cell. At least one cell flap secured to the main panel. The cell flap has at least one aperture dimensioned and align ...

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Disclosed is a method for sharply reducing diurnal breathing loss emissions from automotive evaporative emissions control systems by providing multiple layers, or stages, of adsorbents. On the fuel source-side of an emissions control system canister, high working capacity carbons are preferred in a ...

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A child-resistant dispenser for dispensing items, including a chassis (12) having a reservoir (40) for holding items (16) and a conveyor (14) including a conveyor pocket (18) for receiving an item (16a). The conveyor (14) is pivotably mounted within chassis (12) between a closed position in which th ...

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A container includes a slidable tray and a locking sleeve. The tray is a conventional blister package, with blisters formed therein. The tray includes a slot and the sleeve includes a stop that extends through the slot to prevent the tray from sliding out of the sleeve. The sleeve includes detents t ...