Frieder H Ensslin: Bipolar electrosurgical forceps. MDT Corporation, Trask Britt & Rossa, July 3, 1990: US04938761 (380 worldwide citation)

A bioplar electrosurgical forceps carries a thermocouple junction at the distal end of each of two mutually opposed prongs. The junctions are formed by welding a constantan wire directly to the ferrous metal prongs, thereby avoiding the need for electrical isolation.

Frieder H Ensslin: Method and apparatus for electrosurgical measurement. MDT Corporation, Trask Britt & Rossa, December 1, 1992: US05167658 (152 worldwide citation)

An improved method and apparatus for measuring the total energy delivered to a patient during an electrosurgical procedure. An electrosurgical target (the patient) is positioned atop a dispersive plate constituting a first electrode. The patient is included in the circuit comprising an electrosurgic ...

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A chemical sterilizer system for sterilizing items by vaporizing a liquid chemical sterilant in a sterilizing chamber. Pre-evacuation of the sterilizer chamber enhances the sterilizing activity. Sterilant is injected into the sterilizer chamber from a prefilled shot chamber. Subsequent to the exposu ...

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A dental handpiece sterilizer includes a sterilization chamber with an internal manifold system having outlet connectors into which dental handpieces can be plugged. A sterilant vapor introduced to the manifold flows through the dental handpieces coupled to the manifold and into the interior of the ...

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Heat-labile articles are sterilized by subjecting them to pulses of sporicidal vapors and maintaining them for a holding period in contact with such vapors.

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A replaceable focusing handle for the focusing shaft of a lighthead includes internal surfaces which register with reaction and locking surfaces of a drive post. A shield carried by the handle prevents inadvertent detachment of the handle.

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Apparatus and methods for proportional control of heating of a sterilizer chamber are disclosed in the application. A sterilizer chamber has heaters mounted on the walls, a wall temperature sensor and a chamber temperature sensor. The controller is operable to adjust the heat input by turning on the ...

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An adjustable chair, such as a dental patient chair includes a chair back pivotally connected to a frame and mechanically linked to a travelling seat assembly so that as the chair back is pivoted, the distance between the back and seat assembly increases as the back is moved to an upright orientatio ...

Robert E Shewell: Ultrasonic cleaner. MDT Corporation, Trask Britt & Rossa, April 28, 1992: US05109174 (21 worldwide citation)

An improved ultrasonic cleaner is disclosed. Transducers are attached to a tank to vibrate liquid within the tank. A drive circuit is linked with the transducers to cause the transducers to oscillate at ultrasonic frequencies. The drive circuit includes an oscillator and a counter. The oscillator pr ...

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An operatory light fixture having a touchless switch operatively connected to a lamp disclosed. The touchless switch is constructed to detect a user's hand when positioned in a command location relative to the touchless switch and to respond thereto by operating the lamp. In a preferred embodiment, ...