Disalvo Anthony L, Mordas Carolyn J: Composite materials comprising metal-loaded nanoparticles. Mcneil Ppc, Disalvo Anthony L, Mordas Carolyn J, JOHNSON Philip S, May 12, 2005: WO/2005/042041 (153 worldwide citation)

Composite materials comprising nanoparticles functionalized with metals are disclosed. The composite materials may be used in a variety of applications, including in coating compositions, cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions, absorbent articles, and the like.


Edward J Roche: Taste masking and sustained release coatings for pharmaceuticals. McNeil PPC, Joseph J Brindisi, December 24, 1991: US05075114 (115 worldwide citation)

Chewable medicament tablets are made from coated granules of a medicament wherein the coating on said granules comprises a blend of cellulose actate and/or cellulose acetate butyrate and hydroxypropyl cellulose and a process for making such tablets and a method of providing sustained release of medi ...

Sherilyn S McCoy: Sanitary napkin with panty gathering flaps. McNeil PPC, February 13, 1990: US04900320 (111 worldwide citation)

An improved sanitary napkin is provided which protects the user's undergarment from wetting. The napkin is provided with two flaps each affixed to the garment facing side of the napkin and each extending in a direction tranverse to the longitudinal edge of the napkin and adapted to encircle the crot ...

Frederick K Mesek: Disposable diaper with folded absorbent batt. McNeil PPC, Lawrence D Schuler, October 2, 1990: US04960477 (110 worldwide citation)

An improved absorbent unit for a disposable diaper, or the like, wherein a fibrous batt is initially generally rectangularly shaped, and is cut so as to define side flaps which are folded over into overlapping relationship with one another in the central portion of the batt to define a multiple laye ...

Kenneth J Molee, Kenneth B Wilson: Winged napkin having cross-channeling. McNeil PPC, Andrea L Colby, June 26, 1990: US04936839 (109 worldwide citation)

A sanitary napkin having flaps extending laterally from each of the longitudinal edges of its central absorbent element is provided with fluid retarding means disposed transversely across the absorbent element for inhibiting the transmission of body fluid from a central portion of the absorbent elem ...

Virginia R Mesek: Disposable diaper with improved body comformity and liquid retention. McNeil PPC, July 3, 1990: US04938754 (100 worldwide citation)

A disposable diaper having improved fit and liquid containment provided by gathering means adjacent at least one edge of the absorbent panel, said gathering means including at least two separately extending, effectively elastic elements. Each of the effectively elastic elements applies a gathering f ...

Janet McQueen: Urinary and bowel incontinency control undergarment. McNeil PPC, May 4, 1993: US05207663 (100 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a protective undergarment for an individual who is bowel incontinent. The undergarment provides an elasticized, double panel pouch that is suspended from a waistband whereby the inner panel of the pouch is drawn between the buttocks of the individual. An elasticized slit op ...

Heinz A Pieniak, Gloria Huffman: Low bulk disposable diaper. McNeil PPC, Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow, March 24, 1992: US05098423 (100 worldwide citation)

A disposable diaper is particularly configured for improved fit and comfort, as well as provide enhanced absorptive capacity and leakage-resistant characteristics. Improved fit and comfort are achieved by providing the diaper with a relatively thin, narrow absorbent panel, with the panel configured ...

Michael R Hoy, Edward J Roche: Taste mask coatings for preparation of chewable pharmaceutical tablets. McNeil PPC, Bernard F Plantz, February 6, 1996: US05489436 (92 worldwide citation)

Chewable tablets are made from a coated medicament wherein the coating comprises a mixture of dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate and neutral methacrylic acid ester and a cellulose ester, e.g. cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate butyrate, cellulose triacetate or a combination thereof and optionally pol ...

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