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A method of decoding low-density parity-check codes comprises a first step that includes calculating └└rRml, for each parity check equation, at iteration i−1, in response to a third step. A second step includes decision aided equalizing, at iteration i, in response to the first step. The third step ...

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An access network discovery and selection (ANDSF) module includes a first transceiver that receives an service continuity signal from a service centralization and continuity application server (SCC AS). A first control module generates a preference and policy information signal based on the service ...

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Methods, apparatus, and computer programs for configuring one or more transmission parameters of a wireless client in a wireless local area network (WLAN) are provided. In one implementation, the methods include receiving capability information from a wireless client, generating a configuration tabl ...

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A wireless network device including: a first RF transceiver module configured to (i) for a predetermined number of times, transmit a data frame to a second RF transceiver module, and (ii) for each data frame transmitted to the second RF transceiver module, receive an acknowledgement frame from the s ...

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A network device includes a base band processor (BBP) receiver to detect a frame in a signal. A media access controller (MAC) receiver identifies a destination address in the frame. A power management module transitions the BBP receiver to an active mode based on an estimated energy level of the sig ...

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A circuit that reduces external terminal count of a semiconductor chip, such as a communications chip or other type of chip that requires the generation of configuration codes, by reducing the number of external input terminals required for generating the configuration data. The circuit includes mul ...

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The disclosed technology provides a less resource intensive way to decode a parity check code using a modified min-sum algorithm. For a particular parity check constraint that includes n variable nodes, an LDPC decoder can compute soft information for one of the variable nodes based on combinations ...

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A method and system for performing memory optimization. The method includes receiving from a processor a plurality of read/write requests, wherein at least a portion of the read/write requests are assigned respective identifiers for associating related ones of the read/write requests; measuring arri ...

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A design-based tool for determining an error correction code (ECC) failure probability of an iterative decoding algorithm provides a technique for testing the effectiveness of the algorithm before the integrated circuit implementing the algorithm is built.